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Deluxe BetterPholio Website Features
  • Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Galleries!
  • Slick Gallery Slide Shows
  • Visitor Photo Favorites
  • Font Choice and Color Control
  • Solid Color or Custom Design Background options
  • Site Design Layout Choices
  • Password Protected Admin Center
  • Free Email Forwarding with an Email Alias
  • Seven Optional Pages
  • Two Wildcard Pages
  • Image Protection Options
  • Site Maps and Tools for Search Engine Submission
  • Post Videos
  • Link to PDF Files
sample home
Deluxe photographer web site

sample gallery
Pro web site in a photographer community
sample contact
Deluxe web site in a photographer community

sample admin
Deluxe web site in a photographer community

No set-up fees, no hidden charges.

Free Email Forwarding with an Email Alias
Included in your Deluxe BetterPholio Web Site package is an email alias. Your email alias is and any mail sent to that address gets forwarded to your actual email address. This feature allows you to have a more professional email address for business cards, letterhead, etc.

Six layout design options
Change the background and layout of your site with as often as you like! You can choose from a large number of custom made designs or solid background colors. There are six layout options that allow you to control major design elements (text box, gallery thumbnails etc...) to different areas of the page. View samples of each layout design below:
Image Protection
BetterPhoto understands that protecting images is important.The image protection options prohibits the majority of people from casually stealing your images, but it's not foolproof as technology expands and browser updates support disabling protection features. There is no website that is completely secure from copying, unless utilizing measures such as passwords and encryption software that virtually eliminates the general public from any access whatsoever. From your Admin center, you will have the option to enable right click protection, add copyright symbols and statements, and to add a watermark when you upload photos. We strongly support uploading at a web display resolution for your photos, and using a photo editing program to add (or ghost) your own custom watermark over the focal point your images for further protection as well. We also sell Pro Websites with password protected galleries for your clients.

Unlimited Photos and Galleries
Your galleries (or categories) are where you will organize and showcase your photos. You may create as many as you like to use for your unlimited uploaded photos! You choose the titles, description, and may add a thumbnail to represent each category/gallery.

Wildcard Pages
These fully customizable pages are for you to create any content you like. These pages are great for:
  • Ordering policies
  • Advertising
  • Testimonials
  • Client lists
  • Resumes
  • Equipment lists
  • Recommendations, or
  • It's up to your imagination...Anything you wish to add!

With a bit of simple HTML code, these pages have unlimited possibilities! There are tons of easy HTML tutorials found with a quick Google search!
Optional Pages
In addition to Home page, Gallery page, and Wildcard pages, you get seven optional pages with your Deluxe BetterPholio Web Site. You may use all or none, and name them anything you wish. We include them with the following names:
  • Articles
  • About
  • Recommend
  • Contact
  • Q&A / Guestbook
  • Links
  • Blog
Customer Support
We offer email customer support. Please email us with your questions from our Contact page and we will get back to you within 1 or 2 business days (usually a lot sooner!). There are also instructions on most every page in your Admin Center to (Show/Hide), a helpful list of answers found when you click on the "Help" link at the top right corner of your Admin Center, and extensive answers to common questions found on the Help Page. The Deluxe/Pro BetterPholio Websites - Sales and Deluxe/Pro BetterPholio Websites - Support sections are particularly helpful.

Visitor Photo Favorites
Should you enable this option, we have created a way for each visitor to add photos to a customized Favorite List. This is fun for general browsing, but particularly great for those of you who sell photos. Your visitors will be able to add photos they like to their favorite list as they browse and then they can view all their favorites later in their own personal gallery when deciding which images to purchase. Furthermore, no account sign up will be required to create a list of favorites. It will be linked to the visitor's browser cookie, and so as long as the visitor does not clear their cookies they will be able to access their favorites. These personal galleries are not viewable to other visitors, and you will be able to view and link to the galleries that visitors have created in your Admin Center.

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