Online Photo Course - Snow Photography with Jim Zuckerman (2-Week)

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2-Week Short Course: Snow Photography Photography Course
Course Instructor: © Jim Zuckerman
2-Week Short Course: Snow Photography

Learn how to make captivating photos of snow scenes. Meters are not designed to interpret large expanses of white snow, and thatís why winter photography is challenging. Usually the pictures end up being underexposed and the snow looks gray instead of white. This 2-week course, taught by top pro Jim Zuckerman, explains how to deal with this problem effectively so your snow exposures are perfect. In addition, protecting yourself and your camera equipment from the cold requires preparation and planning. Jim shares with you his favorite methods by which you can protect your fingers, toes, ears and face against bitter cold so you can keep shooting.

Category: Nature / Travel
Skill Level: 2 - Hobbyist
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2-Week Short Course: Snow Photography

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