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The EZ Digital Camera

The EZ Digital 1.3 features multiple resolution modes that make it the perfect camera for creating and sending online images. The 640 x 480 mode is ideal for sending images via email. The image created in this mode is small enough to send quickly and will be universally accepted by computers around the world. The 1280 x 960 resolution mode on the EZ Digital 1.3 is perfect for printing superb 5 in. x 7 in. prints.

The 2x digital zoom and fast f2.8 lens ensure that users not only close in on the action they are photographing, but fully capture all of that action as well. The ability to shoot the smallest pictures in macro mode and the most distant in infinity mode, as well as being able to focus anywhere in between, means that photographers always get the best pictures possible. Composing photographs is equally simple using either the camera's 1.8-inch color LCD monitor or the real-time optical viewfinder.

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