Intimations of Paradise

Christopher Burkett     

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The Intimations of Paradise

From the publisher:
Intimations of Paradise is a monograph of 73 of Christopher Burkett's color landscape photographs in an 11 1/2"x13" hardbound 'coffee table' type book. There are 184 pages including four exqisite essays. The images are all from 8"x10" original transparancies (giant slides!).

Christopher has been making photographs for 25 years. First in black and white, so 1977 he became a press operator hoping that he could eventually make a book of his images. Then in 1979 when he began to use color, he started running a four-color press, still with the dream of a book on his mind. In 1984 or so, he had come to realize that the true finesse of color reproduction is in the separations, so he mastered the operation of high-end color drum scanners. These were his occupations for 15 years while he also continued to make photographs. The 8x10 camera came in 1987 and has been his great love since, though he often uses 2 1/4"x2 1/4" film for many images, too...

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