Cole Weston: At Home and Abroad

Cole Weston     

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The Cole Weston: At Home and Abroad

The extraordinary Weston legacy fulfilled: superb color work from Edward Weston's son.

In the tradition of its classic monographs on the master photographer Edward Weston and his eldest son, Brett, Aperture now publishes the work of Edward's youngest son, Cole. Cole Weston: At Home and Abroad contains sixty color photographs, letters from Edward Weston to his son, and a biographical sketch by Paul Wolf.

A brilliant photographic printer, Cole was solely empowered by Edward to print his pictures after his death, in 1958. A child whose first memory is of floating a toy boat in his father's darkroom sink, Cole has commented that he inherited photography as his family's birthright.

Cole was the first in his family to devote himself to capturing the world in color. From the microcosmic worlds found in tide pools to the grand landscapes of the American West, from ruined abbeys in England to his personal renderings of the female body, Cole pursued his own pathways in photography.

In 1988, after three decades of printing his father's work, Cole at last set aside this responsibility and turned his energies to his own photography. The photographs in this book, taken over twenty year

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