Kenro Izu: Still Life

Kenro Izu     

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The Kenro Izu: Still Life

Master photographer Kenro Izu has for years been working with the platinum palladium process to create stunning floral and nude still lifes. Using large-format cameras, and contact printing images as large as 14 x 20 inches, Izus photographs possess a rare sensuality and tactility. The photographs surface qualities and rich tonalities reference the hand-crafted beauty of earlier movements in photography, but these images are timelessthey beg contemplation and immersion from the viewer. Its no wonder Izu has been noticed by such important photography collectors as Elton John. This book, the first devoted to Izus still lifes, is certain to be a classic tome in contemporary photography. Printed on luscious Italian stock in large format, the images come alive in this rarefied book object designed by Elsa Kendall.

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