Starlite Kit - Medium


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The Starlite Kit - Medium

From the manufacturer:
Create broad, low-contrast, natural-looking light while using the Photoflex Starlite Kits. Combined with the popular Silverdome (pictured above), this package produces the most powerful, efficient and beautiful soft light you could ever wish for. The Silverdome"s highly reflective silver interior produces the brilliant light you need for video or digital photography, and the removable diffusion system allows you to modify the light from hard to soft. All four sides of the Silverdome are vented so that bottom-to-top air flow can occur with the box in either the horizontal or vertical position.

Photoflex's Medium Starlite Kit includes:

1 - Starlite

1 - Medium Silverdome

1 - Starlite Connector

1 - 500 watt lamp

1 - 2218 Litestand

1 - Dome Accessory Kit (louvers, circlemask & stripmask)

Large Silverdome dimensions: 24 x 32 x 17" (WHD)

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