P150 Pradovit Slide Projector


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The P150 Pradovit Slide Projector

From the manufacturer:
Don't cut your talent short when projecting your carefully exposed slides. The compact Leica Pradovit P150 slide projector is the ideal low-cost entry into the world of world-class slide projection. Easy to transport and with its 150-watt lamp it is supremely well equipped for a large range of applications in home projection. But most of all, see how a properly designed projector and a high performance lens can make all the difference in the world in color accuracy, corner-to-corner sharpness, contrast, and brilliance in imagery.

Feature Highlights

  • Compact, handy 35mm slide projector for slides up to 24 x 36mm
  • Autofocus with additional manual focusing correction via remote control.
  • Detachable cable remote control, integrated in the top of the housing.
  • Supplied with Hektor 85mm /2.8 lens and one slide tray.

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