I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera Kit


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The I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera Kit

This cool little camera takes tiny photos measuring .95 x 1.14 inches and immediately processes the film for instant gratification. You can use color film for mini prints or cool sticker film to make your own custom photo stickers.

Available in blue. Includes batteries and film.

From the manufacturer:
Polaroid's new I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera is the latest "go everywhere, must-have item" that will let you express yourself. The Pocket Camera is not about taking pictures - it's about what you decide to do with them, because this nifty little camera takes mini photos that can be stuck anywhere. You can collect, trade and wear these neat little instant photos - or use them as calling cards, sign letters with them, or stick them on books, lockers, favorite friends or secret notes. But, hey, this is more than fun, the Polaroid I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera's got style and color - it comes in radical red, bright breezy blue, and cool lime green.

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