Nature Trekker AW Camera Backpack


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The Nature Trekker AW Camera Backpack

Main Highlights

  • Designed for 1 large Pro SLR, 6 - 7 lenses (to a maximum size of 400mm/f2.8), flash and accessories.
  • Designed for compact medium format systems like the Mamiya 645 or a small field camera system.
  • Comes with the Trekker tripod mount.
  • These interior pockets provide organized storage space for your accessories. The mesh makes the pockets strong and durable and the laminate protects delicate camera and lens surfaces from scratches. All of your accessories from filters to cable releases are easily visible and accessible.
  • Unzip the zipper on the bottom of the front pocket and the storage capacity is almost doubled. Use this handy pocket for extra film and accessories or put your windbreaker and lunch in it.
  • A tripod can be attached horizontally on the bottom using the compression straps provided or strapped vertically on the side using the lash point webbing. Lowepro Side Pockets or Lens Cases 4 and 5 can also be attached to this webbing.
  • For fast, convenient access to gear in the top of the pack, you can unzip the top down to the quick-release security buckles.
  • Built-in AW cover that protects the pack and your gear from dust, sand, rain, or snow.

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