Light Meter - Spot Meter F


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The Light Meter - Spot Meter F

Feature Highlights

  • For precise, 1 degree spot readings of flash and ambient light, contrast measurements, and exposure biasing.
  • Designed for professionals and advanced amateurs alike, it enables you to take precise 1 degree spot measurements of ambient or flash light.
  • Liquid-crystal displays on the meter's side panel and in the viewfinder show a full range of exposure information in both digital and analog form.
  • You can quickly check the lighting contrast of a scene while looking through the viewfinder.
  • Exposure calculations for highlights, shadows, or midtone areas can be made at the touch of button and more.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1 stop repeatability
  • Measuring method: Reflected light by silicon photocell detector masked for 1 degree angle of acceptance
  • Measuring range at ISO 100: Ambient: EV1.0 to 22.5; Flash: f/2 to 90+ 0.9 stop
  • Memory: 2-measurement capacity, both indicated by pointers on analog display; digital recall possible
  • Exposure Zone Calculation: Analog/digital readout and recall of highlight, shadow, or averaged (midtone) exposure automatically calculated for optimum correspondence of brightness range of subject with film latitude.

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