Light Meter - Flash Meter V


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The Light Meter - Flash Meter V

Feature Highlights

  • An intelligent multi-function exposure analyzer, it offers intelligent AUTO mode measure's ambient, flash, or mixed ambient and flash light at the push of a button. You don't need to change modes or switch to different displays.
  • Provides exposure analysis for flash measurements, showing the ratio of flash light to overall exposure.
  • Other easy-to-use functions include:
    • Brightness difference function for adjusting lighting balance.
    • Memory with analog scale for previsualizing results by measuring multiple points.
    • Calculating functions for averaging stored measurements or biasing exposure readings for shadows or highlights.
    • Instant-film ISO button for taking measurements for test exposures without resetting the ISO.
    • Plus an easy-to-read data panel, positive-action up/down dial, and a sliding cover that hides less-often-used buttons.
    • Supplied with neck strap, belt case, spherical diffuser, and flat diffuser

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