Luna-Pro SBC Light Meter


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The Luna-Pro SBC Light Meter

Featuring the latest generation silicon blue cell, the Luna-Pro SBC reads accurately down to -4EV for extreme low light capability. It features the accurate Null meeting system, take one reading, center the indicating needle pointer with the outer ring of the scale and see not only an exposure reading, but all of the other lens and shutter settings possible at that light level.

The meter also provides +/- 3 f-stop scale for direct read-out of brightness range, Zone System values and lighting ratios. Dial settings are adjustable so that exposure factor corrections for bellows, filters, etc., can be automatically compensated for. An indicator reminds you when this feature is being used.

This meter accepts a wide range of Gossen accessories, including the Enlarging Attachment, Microscope Attachment, Fiber Optics Probe Attachment, Variable Angle Attachment, Repro/Copy Attachment and Multibeam/Spot Attachment.

A standard 9V battery powers the system. The range of f-stops and ISO values is even greater than the standard Luna-Pro: apertures from 0.7 to f/128 and ISO values up to 100,000. Of course, you can take both incident and reflected readings with the built-in sliding hemispheric diffuser.

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