Digital Photo-Lab: Advanced Black-and-White Techniques Using Photoshop

George Schaub     

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Did you know everything you can do in a darkroom you can do on a computer--only more easily and quickly? Digital developing gives you total power over tonal control and contrast variation, and you can even burn and dodge in areas that are next to impossible any other way. Split-contrast printing, infrared photography, posterization, special effects: all the tricks of the darkroom craft are possible with a greater freedom and ease. If black-and-white (and monotone) photography is your chosen medium, here's the ultimate guide to taking full advantage of the digital revolution. Go through the tools, explore different technical options, and learn how to retouch and restore. Written by the editor of Shutterbug magazine, it will open new creative doors and reveal how to bring out the beauty of your work.

George Schaub is the Editorial Director of Shutterbug and eDigitalPhoto magazines. His work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines including The New York Times Magazine, Studio Photography, Darkroom Photography, and Lens. He is the author of several books, including Using Your Camera and Professional Techniques for the Wedding Photographer.

George also teaches excellent online courses here at and Its Affiliate,

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