Karsh: American Legends

Yousuf Karsh     

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Features nearly seventy-five portraits of what People Magazine might call "The Century's Most Fascinating People." The back cover shows Yousuf with Jim Henson with Kermit the Frog. The front cover, Jessye Norman, the great vocal artist. In between, we see a young Angela Landsbury, Martha Graham, Charlton Heston, Issac Stern, John Updike, and many, many more. All are great examples of classic lighting, posing techniques, including environmental elements, and making people look their best.

"To millions of people the world over, Karsh is synonymous with the best in portrait photography. Karsh: American Legends is a collection of pictures created by Yousuf Karsh, covering every imaginable profession and talent--from statespeople to business moguls, performing artists, military and sports heroes, and humanitarians. A treasure trove of America's best-loved and highly regarded personalities. 42 color, 44 duotone photographs."

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