Evolt E-30


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The Evolt E-30


  • Box Contents - E30 Body, 12-60 mm Zuiko Digital Lens, Li-ion battery BLM-1, Li-ion battery charger BCM-2, USB/Video Multi cable, Eye piece cover EPC-1, Shoulder strap, OLYMPUS Master CD-ROM, Instruction manual, Warranty card
  • AF Live View - On-screen Autofocus with swivel 2.7 LCD Live View works as seamlessly as a point-and-shoot to display subjects, in focus, on the LCD the instant the shutter is pressed half way.
  • Multi Exposure - With the new camera's Multiple Exposure function, it is possible to alter space and time by combining images shot in different locations and moments, lending your photos another dramatic dimension. You can either combine the images in playback mode or on the fly.
  • Art Filters - The new Art Filters allow you to replicate dramatic effects as you shoot using the Autofocus Live View LCD.
  • Face Detection - Tracks up to 8 faces and automatically focuses and optimizes exposures for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures.

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