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  Editor's Pick
Why has Editor's Pick changed? I don't see nearly as many as I used to....
7/19/2013 6:35:22 AM
  lens extenders
I have the Nikon d 3200 with the lens it came with I also bought a zoom lens as well when I bough...
7/17/2013 5:46:10 PM
  May 2013 NO EP Feedback
It seems like lots of folks received a way lower EP count on their April entries :( This is a thr...
7/9/2013 4:21:33 AM
  Phello Photographers Club Trip - Flowers
This is for Peter's benefit...
7/6/2013 5:29:22 AM
  May Countdown Thread
Well, well, well...time got away from me. First, I was counting the days until the 15th so I cou...
7/3/2013 1:12:13 AM
  Phello Photographers Club Trip - Uniquely Utah
Something only found in Utah (Pictures of me don't count)...
6/30/2013 10:29:28 AM
  Phello Photographers Club Trip - Travel
Something captured whitle traveling, about travel, etc...
6/28/2013 7:10:26 PM
  Categorizing in the Gallery
How do I get my photo into my gallery and categorize it?...
6/24/2013 9:09:28 AM
  gift course
I was given a gift certificate for a course, which is good for a year. Because of health problems...
6/17/2013 10:40:02 PM
  in search of a Wedding Photographer TN
I am a fellow photographer and am searching for a wedding photographer for my wedding in the Smok...
6/17/2013 2:55:54 AM
  Wide format printers
I am in the market for a new wide format photo printer. Any suggestions?...
6/15/2013 11:24:04 AM
  Viewers searching my name for gallery
I want viewers to be able to search my gallery by putting in search my name Bill Ritenour, but it...
6/12/2013 4:14:25 PM
  Phello Photographers Club Trip - Travel
Travel (something that has to do with how you got there)...
6/11/2013 10:55:13 PM
  Artist's photos and mad New Yorkers
An artist has a show of his photos that he took from his apartment window of apartments across th...
6/10/2013 1:20:21 PM
  camera repairs
I love my olympus E-500 camera but dropped it and now it is not working (Focusing). Would it wise...
6/4/2013 7:27:27 PM
Why can't I find an option on this site to update my galleries? I want to add new galleries ...
6/3/2013 7:29:45 AM
  logging in problem?
This isn't really a contest question,but there isn't a category for website problems...Wh...
5/30/2013 3:05:21 PM
  April 2013 Countdown Thread
Happy Mid-May everyone! I know we've all been wondering what's going on with EPs (or lac...
5/29/2013 9:29:54 AM
  Which lenses to take to Ireland?
I will be traveleing to Ireland soon. I have a Canon 60D and Canon 10-22, 17-55, and 70-200 F4 l...
5/27/2013 10:53:04 PM
  April 2013 - No EP Feedback Thread
This is a thread where we can post contest entries that did not receive an EP that you would like...
5/27/2013 10:27:00 AM
  My BetterPhoto Deluxe Web site
How do I get to where I may work and update, add photos, etc. on my Deluxe Web page; www.bdievent...
5/15/2013 7:37:23 AM
  Farm Photography Legislation
Just read that legislation has been introduced in several states that essentially would prohibit ...
5/14/2013 1:09:17 PM
  my membership
I sent a check last week for my membership. I still cannot create a gallery. How long does it t...
5/14/2013 11:03:48 AM
  Permission to use a photo
I know variations of this question has been asked before, but I would still like to get opinions,...
5/8/2013 10:48:55 PM
  Extreme pro high capacity memory cards
Do high capacity, I.e. 32G Extreme Pro by Sandisk for shooting With a 5DII in RAW have a life sp...
5/7/2013 1:42:12 PM

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