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Category: What's Wrong With My Photographic Technique? : Problems with Images

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  Taking pictures at evening sports events
I am trying to take pictures at an evening softball game. I don't want to use the flash beca...
5/18/2002 8:35:57 PM
  Shutter speed
I recently took pictures of people in a low lighted restaurant. The lighting was white christmas...
5/15/2002 9:25:58 AM
  How to get good quality digital pics?
Even at the highest resolution possible in my camera (Sony DSC-P20 1.3MP) I still get blurry ima...
5/13/2002 6:18:41 AM
  Exposure with Studio Flash
I shoot on 6"x 6" Medium Format, with Prime Lenses. When I take a Studio shot using the normal 8O...
5/7/2002 6:31:43 AM
  Image Corruptions on SmartMedia Card
What could I be doing to corrupt the images on my SmartMedia card? I try to work with the image i...
4/27/2002 7:51:53 PM
  saving images without compression
HI, Can someone tell me how to save files with very large amounts of one color without having the...
4/26/2002 8:23:38 AM
  Subject Dark in Shadows
Hi,I have the Olympus ZLR. The photos are great indoors. But outdoors, when there is good sunshin...
4/22/2002 8:57:26 AM
  Black Circle around the Picture
I got 2 rolls of film where some of the pics have a black circle surrounding the images. It may ...
4/14/2002 2:22:47 PM
  Eliminating Glare and Reflections
I just got my first polarizer (linear). I noticed that, when I tried taking a picture of an aqua...
4/14/2002 2:30:17 AM
  Getting Quality Prints From Slide Film
I am new to using slide film, (Velvia) and I had a recent problem in getting my slide made into a...
4/4/2002 11:30:48 PM
If I shot 400 ISO at 6400 ISO would this cause the film to be over exposed? I recently shot 13 ro...
4/3/2002 1:20:03 PM
  Dark semicircle in image
I own a EOS 300 + Sigma 28-200.In the 5"x7" photos, on the 7" side in the centre I see a dark sem...
4/3/2002 10:22:54 AM
  how to use white balance indoors
I took some pictures of my daughter's basketball game. the pictures turned out to be greenish...
4/3/2002 9:39:16 AM
  Optical "accuracy"
After using my Olympus C4040 for a month I feel like I bought a very expensive dog. Of course the...
4/2/2002 1:14:56 AM
  blurred photos
Hi,I have a Nikon D1x that I just bought about a month ago. I love it but I am getting a lot of ...
3/27/2002 12:26:38 PM
  Grey Skin Tones
I often take pictures of my kids indoors using a flash. I use the white balance to adjust the cam...
3/19/2002 11:06:56 PM
  Digital Photographs have Blue haze
I have a HP PhotoSmart camera that I have had for awhile. It has always taken very good photogra...
3/19/2002 8:44:52 AM
  image problems
When I take pictures of the sun at sunset or of the moon at night, I get a ghost of the object in...
2/28/2002 7:04:40 PM
  Picture It! software problem
I am a beginner digital photographer. I got microsoft picture it! software so I could manipulate ...
2/26/2002 7:37:11 AM
Even though I compress my pictures from 1600 x 1200 to 400 x 300, they do not look right after I ...
2/25/2002 5:33:34 AM
  Black & White Filters
I enjoy shooting black and white nature photos. I have yellow, orange and red filters and I unde...
2/23/2002 7:05:43 PM
  Blue (tungsten filter)
When I use a blue (tungsten) filter with daylight film to do indoor/ studio portrait work, I ofte...
2/23/2002 4:31:04 PM
  Inside Action Shots
I'm having problems getting good actions shots inside (at a basketball game with flourscent l...
2/1/2002 6:25:20 AM
  Troubleshooting: What Would Cause This?
Attached is a portion of a picture I took yesterday and had developed today. You'll see an o...
  Vignetting Problem with SIGMA lens 28-200 (part 2)
As Chuck, I had the same problem with the same lens (only using a Canon Rebel G camera), I found ...

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