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Category: What's Wrong With My Photographic Technique? : Problems with Images

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I've changed my file size to see if that would help get rid of the pixel look in my outside h...
4/22/2009 11:34:19 AM
  How do I take the pictures out of albums?
I'm not really having a problem with my images, but have put them in albums and decided I don...
4/14/2009 5:29:02 PM
  Cropped digital print images
I cannot seem to obtain prints from labs to the desired size. If I set up a photo in Photoshop an...
4/9/2009 4:08:06 AM
  How to add the photo details when uploading
When I upload to gallery I notice that sometimes all the photo details upload with it and sometim...
4/5/2009 7:05:34 PM
  Trouble with Olymus Master software?
I just have Olympus Master 2 to edit my photos . It seems to me that when I click on a shot it lo...
4/3/2009 11:32:04 AM
  Problems with images
I'm noticing more and more that if I look really close at my images, there are little white s...
3/22/2009 11:00:54 AM
  Remove Images
How do I remove an image without deleting it?...
3/21/2009 1:59:34 PM
  Soft-Focused Photos
I have a Olympus Evolt-510 but my shots often seem soft even when I use a tripod . I read on a pr...
3/18/2009 3:16:43 AM
  Depth of Field with Studio Lights
One problem I seem to be having with my studio shots is that my DOF is very deep. I have these w...
3/16/2009 5:22:32 AM
  How to invert an image?
I have uploaded a photo that is a vertical shot but it comes up on the website horizontally. I ca...
3/15/2009 12:26:41 PM
  1/2 Image & sync cord?
I just received my Alien Bees lighting kit and was experimenting tonight. I got maybe 5 shots of...
3/13/2009 6:12:31 PM
  Raw Files and Photoshop
I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to convert a .dng file to a jpeg so that I can work on ...
3/10/2009 11:15:04 PM
  Cannot Get the Correct Exposure
Hi. I received advice earlier on how to take pics at a hockey game, but when I tried the settings...
3/3/2009 10:00:21 PM
  How to Get the Best Exposure
My images look great on my camera. Then when I load them to the computer, they look so much diffe...
3/3/2009 9:56:12 PM
  Strange Anomalies
While out shooting ice formations with my D300 the other day, I noticed something really wierd.Mo...
2/28/2009 2:08:26 PM
  What Am I Doing Wrong With The Exposure?
I've been trying to learn how to shoot outside of Automatic on my Canon Rebel XT. If I shoot...
2/25/2009 3:37:34 AM
  Why do I keep getting hotspots on my subjects face
When I shoot my images my histogram looks good my exposure meter in the view finder is in the mid...
2/24/2009 5:49:21 PM
  How to get the best exposure
My images look great on my camera. The whe I load them to the computer. They look so much differe...
2/22/2009 7:22:55 PM
  Why do I keep getting hotspots on my subjects face
When I shoot my images my histogram looks good my exposure meter in the view finder is in the mid...
2/22/2009 7:05:39 PM
  How to Photograph a Black Horse
I have the opportunity to photograph a black stallion. Any suggestions? My equipment is very limi...
2/19/2009 6:14:59 PM
  How do I change my gallery background from white t
I want to change the background of my gallery and I don't know how to do that.Thanks in advan...
2/12/2009 1:02:24 PM
  Overly Bright and Saturated Color - Canon 50D
I got a new Canon 50D for Christmas. I've been shooting my head off because there is a learn...
2/11/2009 9:08:33 PM
  How to Shoot Sharper w/Rebel XSI
Hi there, I just recently got a Canon XSI for Xmas and I can't seem to get really good sharp ...
2/9/2009 5:54:26 AM
  Canon 5D metering
I have always used spot metering but with this camera it doesn't always come out correctly. ...
1/30/2009 11:07:09 AM
  photo link
I can not find the photolink? Does anyone remember this?? :-) Where you could just browse the p...
1/29/2009 6:19:56 AM

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