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  Using Alien Bee with Nikon SB-600/D300
Hi there,I recently upgraded from the Nikon D70 to the D300. With the D70, I would use my SB-600...
6/10/2008 6:39:05 PM
  iTTL shoot with nikon sb400
hi good day..newbie here..i have a problem with my nikon sb-400 speedlight purchased a year ago.....
6/5/2008 8:45:15 PM
  Mass Image resizing
I have Photoshop CS. I was wondering what the easiest way is to resize a group of photos. I onl...
5/30/2008 1:32:09 PM
  Regarding Wedding
I am trying to buy a Nikon D200 and I would like to get some feedback regarding wedding photograp...
5/30/2008 11:00:11 AM
  Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS
Ive not long purchased the Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS lens. While I have had some good photos ta...
5/18/2008 11:44:45 AM
  New Monitor and Calibration
So, please don't laugh at me. I just now discovered that I need to calibtate my monitor so th...
5/16/2008 12:15:06 PM
  Speedlight won't fire
Hello,I recently purchased a Sunpak PF30XN for my Nikon D100. The Sunpak is iTTL compatable but ...
5/14/2008 4:27:52 PM
  Travelling with Camera Batteries
I have heard that the airlines (or the FAA) have restrictions on the number of rechargeable batt...
5/13/2008 11:23:09 AM
  Charging batteries
I have a spare battery for my Nikon D70s and I got in the habit of leaving it in the (plugged-in)...
5/9/2008 2:41:19 PM
  Extension Tubes
I have a Nikon D70 and I bought some extension tubes. I cannot seem to get them to work correctly...
5/9/2008 7:22:13 AM
  How do I get my Pentax flash unit to work?
I've got a Pentax K10D with an AF-540FGZ flash unit...I've read my manuals, but this thin...
5/9/2008 6:57:32 AM
  The Way My Photos Look After Upload
My photo looks good on my PC but when I send it to the site it looks blurry and out of focus. How...
5/3/2008 10:20:45 AM
  How to Work in My Darkroom
Last year I bought darkroom equipment, because it had always been my dream to have my own darkroo...
5/3/2008 8:16:08 AM
  Digital Camera seems to be broken
Hi All,I am new here and really need some advice. I recently borrowed a friends digital camera (f...
5/2/2008 9:45:43 PM
  Canon 40D - How to shoot from the LCD Screen
Hi,I'm new to Canon and can't figure out even after reading through the manual how to hav...
4/30/2008 4:11:52 PM
  Fuzzy pictures with closeup filters
Hi, last week I bought a set of closup fulters for my Nikon D80 camera. The set came with a +1, +...
4/28/2008 5:48:24 PM
  Canon 400D Not Good with RED
I have a Canon 400D which I love but it doesn't record reds accurately. I was recently shoot...
4/27/2008 6:22:36 AM
  Studio strobes turn on but dont fire..
I recently obtained two strobes, one is a Multiblitz Kompakt-Studio vario 350 and the other an El...
4/24/2008 9:19:45 AM
  Canon PS2 broken!
The lens will not retract and the camera will not function at all. I get a beep and it says E18....
4/22/2008 4:26:41 AM
  Front Focusing on Nikon D50
When I try and autofocus with my D50 I always get blurry shots. I finally figured that it always ...
4/20/2008 9:52:32 PM
  Focus Screens Canon rebel xt
Anyone ever change / replace the focus screen in a canon rebel xt? I've read some discussion...
4/20/2008 8:15:51 PM
  Sony Digital Still Camera Batteries
Can I use Sony NP-FS11 battery in my Sony DSC-55 camera, instead of the original model NP-F10? I ...
4/17/2008 11:04:57 PM
  Note to Self
So here I am loading the first roll of 120 into the M645j I got from last month (...
4/16/2008 7:00:40 PM
  Rear Flash problem D80
Hi I have a nikon D80 - I've been trying some rear flash action (thats NOT a euphomism ;-) ) ...
4/15/2008 2:27:38 PM
  quieter mirror flap sound?
This may be a silly question, but is there any way to make the sound of the mirror flap quieter? ...
4/11/2008 7:20:26 PM

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