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  flash connection
I recently bought a bronica etrsi, and have tried to shoot some images with flash packs and I tri...
4/30/2004 12:47:09 PM
  How to scan 35mm slides
Here's the scanner settings I hope.Aldo Tristan...
4/30/2004 5:32:51 AM
  How to scan 35mm slides
I have an Epson Perfection 1200u scanner with the slide and negative adapter. The software I'...
4/29/2004 8:13:09 PM
  Camera Malfunction
My N70 Nikon went down. I had just loaded a roll and was on frame 5 when it malfunctioned. (Err a...
4/28/2004 11:37:08 AM
  How to get my automatic zoom working (pentax sf1)
Can anyone tell me any reasons they can think of why the auto zoom on my pentax sf1 wouldn't ...
4/26/2004 6:15:50 AM
  Canon Rebel XS battery depletion
Hi, my camera has gone through 2 sets of batteries recently with just one roll of film. It has a...
4/21/2004 7:16:25 AM
  Problem with Pentax ME super
i have an old Pentax ME super nad it is giving me big time troubles!!I only got about 3 photos ou...
4/18/2004 7:35:21 AM
  How to fix camera problem
I have a nikon 401f, and when I used it in manual operation and whenever I adjust the aperture se...
4/17/2004 7:44:30 PM
  durst 800 user guide?
I just baught a Durst M800 complete, but... without user guide. Do you know where I could get one...
4/16/2004 8:19:54 PM
  no camera focus in the dark
I have a nikon N-80 and I photograph weddings on occasion. My problem is when it starts to get da...
4/15/2004 11:55:13 AM
  Buying Backgrounds
Hi , Ive recently purchased a few backgrounds as ive just set up a home studio- lol I was pretty ...
4/15/2004 2:35:34 AM
I am having difficulty shooting my grandchilds portraits, I do great with natural non posed, but ...
4/12/2004 3:22:15 PM
  Why am I getting a blue edge in the view finder?
I am using a Minolta Maxxum5 with AF. Suddenly, in the middle of a role, I am seeing a blue curve...
4/11/2004 9:50:11 PM
  Sekonic L-358 PC Cord Plug-In
I have a Sekonic L-358 light meter and I'm unable to plug in the PC-style synch cord to it to...
4/9/2004 11:17:35 AM
  Help! My N80 film door won't close.
My students used my N80 for their news assignment. They said when they changed the film, the doo...
4/9/2004 2:56:33 AM
  Does anyone have a manual for a sunpak 522?
I just bought a used Bronica SQAI and a Sunpak 522 and I can get it to fire alone, but can't ...
4/6/2004 4:30:23 PM
  Lens Compatibility
I have a Canon EOS Elan7. Is the older Canon FD lens compatible with this system. I am sure it w...
4/6/2004 1:49:17 PM
  Digital Rebel & Canon 100 - 400mm L IS USM Issue
Just purchased this new lens. Have had my Rebel for almost 6 months... This lens does not seem t...
4/1/2004 6:02:09 AM
  Scanner question
Computer is homebuilt,less than 1yr old ... ASUS mb Pentium 4 CPU, Adaptec SCSI controller, plus ...
3/28/2004 7:57:45 PM
  enlarger alignment
Just got an enlarger (used printmaker 35) and am trying to align it. It is 1mm off at it'...
3/28/2004 7:23:24 AM
  PVC Back drop Stand
Where do I find the plans for a PVC back drop stand. I remember seeing one in a magazine at one ...
3/25/2004 11:45:38 AM
  shutter will not release
I was just given a canon ae1. However, after I press the shutter release button the shutter rema...
3/25/2004 7:25:45 AM
  Can Lens be fixed/ cleaned?
I have an older Nikkor lens - about 20 years old. I just got it out and am starting to get back i...
3/23/2004 4:28:13 PM
  Elan 7e Midroll Rewind
Have tried using the mid-roll rewind feature on an Elan 7e and whether it is rewound with the fil...
3/19/2004 10:50:59 AM
  Clean dust off the D100's CCD
Does anyone have experience with cleaning dust off the D100's CCD?I believe I can do this wit...
3/17/2004 9:32:29 PM

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