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  Problem with Quantaray MS-1
The Quantaray MS 1 slave flash is not synchronized with my Canon 30D with 580EX Flash. I turned ...
12/20/2008 2:19:22 PM
  Recover Deleted Files
I have a Canon Powershot SD1000. I accidentally deleted the video of my son's first christmas...
12/18/2008 7:39:42 PM
  Learning the Light Meter
I have the JTL LM-8 Digital Light Meter. My 4 strobes are Photogenic PL1000DR. My camera is Can...
12/18/2008 2:49:22 PM
  What is the correct way to move PSE6 catalog?
I've created a mess! I purchased a larger external hard drive (ehd) and I wanted to move my p...
12/15/2008 10:52:49 AM
  how to take better picture when it is not enough l
I have Canon 40D. when I take picture in the meeting room there were not enough lighting, I set I...
12/11/2008 11:01:30 PM
  Camera Not Working At All
Hi! I was asked to help take photos at a conference in Manila, and when I arrived and turned on ...
12/9/2008 3:06:42 PM
  flash and batteries
Hello everyone,I use all Canon products the EOS 40D, and the speedlite420ex I have them on a stro...
12/8/2008 1:57:53 PM
  technical help with new monitor..
Not necessarily a problem, just need information hopefully from someone out there that has the s...
12/3/2008 7:36:19 AM
  Canon 580EX II
I am having some confusing issues with my speedlight. I was shooting outside under a shady tree c...
12/2/2008 10:45:08 AM
  LCD Display
I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 which I basically just shot everything on auto. I just purchased...
11/26/2008 7:47:06 AM
  How do I lower the light in my softboxes
I just recently purchased my first set of soft boxes. Before, I shot just with shoot through umbr...
11/22/2008 10:07:08 AM
  RAW Files and Photoshop
I have several questions. 1. How does everyone manage and organize their files when using PS? I u...
11/19/2008 4:35:57 PM
  Metz 58 flahs
Just wondering if anyone has experienced any melting happening with a Metz 58 dedicated flash? I ...
11/14/2008 2:25:57 PM
  My photos are too pink
Why are my photos pink? How do I correct this?...
11/11/2008 9:36:16 PM
  aperture setting/visibility disappeared
Something strange has happened and I haven't a clue as to the reason or where I go from here....
11/10/2008 2:51:58 AM
  Problem with 430ex flash
I just bought a canon 430ex flash and was initially able to adjust the exposure stops, but now I ...
10/31/2008 12:28:54 AM
  Canon's Back Button Auto Focus
I've seen several articles about how to use the Back Button on Canon's DSLRs, but they al...
10/28/2008 5:38:48 PM
  slr out of focus at a distance
When I take a closeup portait shot, it's very focused, however if I try to get a full body, m...
10/28/2008 7:22:48 AM
  Photoshop Printing Warning
Every time I use Photoshop and make some adjustments to one of my photos, I get a warning/message...
10/26/2008 9:02:58 PM
  Fast Enough Shutter Speed?
I want to be able to photograph my friends at their dance studio, obviously indoors. But when I s...
10/24/2008 8:20:50 AM
  Studio Lighting
I recently bought studio lighting equipment. I used them to shoot prom portraits and they worked...
10/21/2008 10:19:29 PM
  Copy/paste problem w/Digital Image Suite
We actually got the whole crew together for a family photo! Just one little problem, my husband ...
10/19/2008 12:45:51 PM
  Heads up
Just wanted anyone that uses yahoo a heads up that it's carrying a virus that attacks your ce...
10/9/2008 10:02:57 AM
  Spot On Pictures
I have noticed a spot on my pictures recently. It appears either as a black spot or a blurred sp...
10/8/2008 12:29:23 PM
  Noritsu QSS 3001's processing PCB error
I am an owner of Noritsu QSS 3001 but while using this machine I encountered a printing error and...
10/6/2008 12:26:24 PM

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