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  Selecting a Specific Printer's Profile
How do you load a specific printer's profile into the Color Settings of Photoshop CS4 Extende...
11/10/2009 12:24:27 PM
  Separate Gallery in Club
Does anyone know if club leaders can create a link to a separate gallery inside your clubs' g...
11/8/2009 11:23:26 PM
  Taking cameras onboard Niagara Falls boat tours
Has anyone taken cameras on any boat tours at Niagara Falls? Idon't know if it's allowed,...
11/8/2009 3:32:01 PM
  External Harddrive Cord came apart from the plug
I tried to plug in my Western Digital external Harddrive and the cord litterally fell apart from ...
11/3/2009 12:35:20 PM
  Light meter question
I have a Polaris Spotmeter 10. It's flashing a "EU" message and I can't find the booklet ...
10/17/2009 12:12:20 PM
I would like some recommendations on less expensive printers that go up to 16 x 20 or so. Even s...
9/9/2009 1:02:33 PM
  Nikon D80 noise at ISO 400
My son has a D80 which seems to be noisier than what I would expect. Very noticable noise at ISO ...
8/24/2009 6:30:42 PM
  Evaluating camera & lens after an accident
My cameras were in the back of our van when we were rear-ended - they flew to the front of the ca...
8/20/2009 4:40:48 PM
  Canon EF 70-300mm IS USM Lines
I bought a Canon EF 70-300 IS USM lens this past year and was very pleased with it until recently...
8/15/2009 2:52:52 AM
  Tripod Advice
I currently have a Quantaray(Sunpak)QSX 9502TM tri/monopod with quick release plate. I am using i...
8/14/2009 4:20:34 PM
  Sending BP mail
I noticed today for the first time.... while going over messages I've sent to other members, ...
8/2/2009 11:11:02 AM
  Sinking Camera to Soft Boxes
I have a Nikon D50 and I have one Softbox Lighting. I know it is probably one step I am missing.....
7/18/2009 5:02:33 PM
  D90 Focus Problems
I just bought a Nikon D90. I upgraded from a D40. Most of my images are out of focus when using...
7/8/2009 4:39:36 PM
  Canon 300mm lens 1.5 or .3m?
I have a Canon 300mm f/4L lens and a question for which I cannot find an answer. What is the diff...
6/25/2009 5:32:34 PM
  Zoom browser doesn't recognize Canon 10D
Hi there,Since I bought my new laptop which has Windows Vista ( all of them comming with vista th...
6/15/2009 7:51:45 PM
  trouble using extension tubes
Recently I have been trying to get into taking Macro photography and purchased Nikon's 105 f/...
6/3/2009 6:44:20 AM
  Professional Camera Cleaning - Any tips?
Hi!I have a Nikon D70 and after several years of use I want to send it off to be cleaned professi...
5/14/2009 9:29:15 AM
  Canon 50D Exposure Compensation
when I use exposure compensation, I initially see the bar showing how much I have set to over or ...
4/27/2009 2:31:01 PM
  How to Control the Background Paper Rolls
I bought a Savage Port-a-Stand and 3 Rolls of 53" background paper. I set one of the rolls up &a...
4/26/2009 5:35:27 PM
  Cleaning lenses and filters
I just realized that my lenses and filters are really dirty - somehow they got fogged up a bit an...
4/14/2009 5:47:16 AM
  CS4 - Crop Tool
I could use some advice on CS4 -When I go to crop a photo, I use the crop tool and the photo crop...
3/31/2009 3:50:05 PM
  cleaning camera and lenses
What is the best way to clean your camera? I seem to have a black speck. I think it might be on t...
3/31/2009 5:53:49 AM
Two nights ago, which shooting at the beach, my battery began to wear out. Iwasn't able to au...
3/30/2009 8:04:13 PM
  SB-900 Problem
I've had the SB-900 for a couple months and recently I had issues with the TTL-BL mode missin...
3/21/2009 9:36:58 PM
  monitor problem
I have a Sony S204 lcd monitor, purchased 10/2005. Today, I started seeing a shimmering on the l...
3/21/2009 6:32:47 AM

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