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  Trying out Velvia 100
Happy Wednesday Everyone,So, my Nikon D80 is getting a tune-up this week and I decided to pick up...
7/11/2007 9:51:15 PM
  Hoods and UV Filters
For my new wide-angle lens, do any of you use UV filters and or hoods? Do you feel either degrade...
7/5/2007 7:13:30 AM
  OLd Negative processing
We recently have been cleaning out some very old things from my fathers possessions amoung them w...
7/4/2007 7:22:29 AM
  Landscape Photography: Advice Needed
I will be taking landscape-type photographs. I have a 24mm/f 2.8 lens for my Nikon F6, and I am a...
7/3/2007 2:32:17 PM
  Favorite Nikon 35mm??
Hi all,How many people have a favorite Nikon camera body?I was just curious because I noticed I&#...
7/3/2007 12:22:55 PM
  Hasselblad cameras
Does anyone have any info on russian hasselblad cameras?Someone has approached me wanting to sell...
7/2/2007 5:43:40 AM
  what camera fits a Vivitar 70mm-210mm f3.5 Macro f
what camera fits a Vivitar 70mm-210mm f3.5 Macro focusing Auto Zoom Lens ?...
6/30/2007 7:04:11 PM
  friend wants me to do outdoor wedding?help!
A friend asked me to take some pics for her sisters wedding. They have no money and I would love ...
6/30/2007 6:56:08 PM
My model's face shows a range of f16 to f2. If I use a lodacolor 100, what is the good apertu...
6/27/2007 11:38:36 AM
  Beginner Photography
I was woundering if anyone could help me with the basic stuff on photography like relly a beginne...
6/26/2007 9:56:46 PM
My meter reads importants highlights and shadows for a range of f16 to f2. I have a kodachrome 64...
6/26/2007 11:54:46 AM
  what type of equipment to start small business
Hello, I am new to this web site and this is my first question. I would like to try and get star...
6/25/2007 7:01:44 AM
  How to use Fstop on Canon EOS K2
I have a Canon EOS REBEL K2, I am new to photography and have an assignment to take a roll of fil...
6/20/2007 11:03:12 AM
  Automatic Focus Problem
When I am in automatic focus, the camera will focus, but when I go to press the button for a pict...
6/20/2007 8:41:32 AM
  vertical shots without shadows
i have had a problem with vertical shots and shadows to one side or the other of the person(s) i&...
6/19/2007 11:39:43 AM
  Property release
I went to a rodeo not long ago and I took a picture of a bull without the rider would I need a pr...
6/15/2007 1:08:14 PM
  Canon Rebel G Film Camera
I have a Canon Rebel G 35mm. I have a 75-300mm lens, and would like to get another lens that woul...
6/14/2007 8:19:37 PM
  Canon Rebel G Film Camera
I have a Canon Rebel G 35mm. I have a 75-300mm lens, and would like to get another lens that woul...
6/12/2007 1:04:46 PM
Ok so I've met some photographers that own a stamp that say PROOF on it. They use it to stamp...
6/11/2007 4:58:17 PM
  good pro lab for film
Does anyone know of a good pro lab that I can mail my film to for developing and enlargments I l...
6/9/2007 3:48:45 PM
  Medium Format 620 Cameras
I am enthralled with medium format cameras currently (yes, all my stuff is digital) and have two ...
6/3/2007 6:58:15 PM
I was told by a lawyer in casual conversation that all my photos are protected under the general ...
5/28/2007 4:49:10 PM
  about color
Forgive me,I'm new to the site and anxios to ask all the questions I've buit up over the ...
5/23/2007 2:04:44 PM
  wide angle lens for weddings
i just purchased a macro wide angle lens for an upcoming wedding i'm going to shoot. is this ...
5/22/2007 2:12:33 PM
  shooting a wedding with SB800
i am shooting a wedding with a new flash I just SB 800. I want to make sure I have e...
5/22/2007 10:02:06 AM

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