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  Lens For a Nikon N80
Hi all!I have a question about lenses for my Nikon N80. I have been out of the photography loop ...
6/24/2003 7:24:15 AM
  How to Shoot Seascapes
I am leaving next week for the West coast of Jamaica. This will be my third trip and I want this...
6/24/2003 3:48:22 AM
  Prints and Proofs
What is the difference in a print and a proof? I can have film developed into prints or proofs....
6/23/2003 7:37:25 PM
  How Do I Shoot Very Fast Moving Objects?
I need to shoot a moving object but don't know how to do it sucessfully. The object is moving...
6/23/2003 4:40:09 PM
  What F-Stop should I use?
I am shooting with a Nikon FM10 and using Kodak Max 400 film. Is there a general purpose F-stop ...
6/23/2003 12:51:45 PM
  ISO Film Settings
On my camera(Canon EOS 3000)I can change the ISO speed. Can I change this film speed several time...
6/18/2003 12:46:09 PM
I was just wondering if you are able to tell me the technical differences between fast and slow b...
6/16/2003 11:09:10 PM

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