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  lock up the mirror?
what does it mean to lockup the mirror when exposing on a tri-pod at long exposures and do I have...
5/21/2007 6:48:00 AM
  how to shoot action in low light
I attempted to shoot my daughters ballet. The stage had low light and I wanted to freeze the acti...
5/20/2007 8:44:52 AM
  wedding posing
does anyone have a good wedding portrait gallery with lots of group posing? also, any advice for ...
5/19/2007 3:17:55 PM
is bracketing really neccisary at a wedding? i've heard you need to bracket and i've hear...
5/19/2007 10:20:02 AM
  How Do I Convert Slides to a CD?
I have about 3000 color slides that I want to convert from slides to a CD. How do I do this? I am...
5/18/2007 2:03:51 PM
  using flash reflectors and diffusers for a wedding
Hi.I am shooting my second wedding in June and want to make sure shadows are not a problem. I hav...
5/18/2007 12:00:35 PM
  Best Backdrop Support System
I am beginning to upgrade my backdrop system from taping fabric to the walls to using a professio...
5/16/2007 6:44:26 PM
  star filters
Has anyone ever used a star filterwhen photographing fireworks?I wonder if the effects would bepl...
5/16/2007 2:58:47 PM
  Film types, etc.
What is the best type film,(print film, slide film) and film SPEEDfor clarity, colors, for photog...
5/16/2007 11:35:01 AM
  Film for sale
Selling 8 rolls of Kodak portra 160NC 36 exp.3 rolls of Tmax 100 professional BW 24 exp.All kept ...
5/13/2007 8:11:36 PM
  Hallmark Institute of Photography?
Ok, I'm looking into going to the Hallmark Institute of Photography in MA. but wondered if an...
5/10/2007 6:08:37 AM
  Metering probs L358C
Can anyone tell me why, when I put my perfectly working, albeit older than dirt, Vivitar 2800 via...
5/9/2007 8:30:09 PM
Anyone have the new Canon 580ex II. I am on a waiting list for it, but I know some have already g...
5/9/2007 1:42:45 PM
  Store Film Developing
Simply put, I dropped off some black and white film at my local Walmart, got the prints back and ...
5/8/2007 2:20:45 PM
  How to set up inexpensive home studio
I am sitting up a home studio and would like to know all the elements that I will need in order t...
5/7/2007 8:39:12 AM
  color film
what is color film sensitive to?...
5/2/2007 8:33:53 AM
  night time street photgraphy
How do I take good night time street shots of a person with OM10? What film would you recommend?...
5/1/2007 5:44:17 PM
  how to take a picture without a light meter
I have a medium format camera 6 by 4.5 which does not have an inbuilt light meter. I dont want to...
4/25/2007 9:40:10 AM
what are the two color theries that use RGB and CMY as their primary colors?...
4/23/2007 5:18:12 PM
  Color of photo too blue after scan.
Iv'e been trying still life's with flowers, outside in late afternoon in shade. Until now...
4/22/2007 7:53:46 PM
  canon eos rebal k2
What lens is best to use while taking wedding pics with my canon EOS rebal K2. ...
4/21/2007 9:47:46 AM
  Shooting Churches: Stained-Glass Windows
What special considerations should one remember when shooting church stained-glass windows in ord...
4/17/2007 6:04:10 PM
  How do I determine if a photo is copywrited?
I'm made a funny video about George Bush. I am using some pictures that people sent me via e...
4/11/2007 12:29:19 PM
  what kind of camera is this
I,I won a auction on Ebay and the seller through in this camera but he didn't know what kind ...
4/11/2007 12:13:13 PM
  Vintage Camera
I have a Kodak Brownie Target Six-16 camera that my grandfather gave me, and I would really like ...
4/10/2007 7:55:53 PM

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