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  deluxe site home page slide show
i recently input the photo id #'s for my home page slide show but incorrectly entered one num...
10/26/2007 1:12:23 PM
  premium website
If I have a premium website, is my domain name my name?...
10/25/2007 8:36:31 AM
  Page Header
Can someone please tell me if you can change the page header? I am wanting to put a banner at th...
10/11/2007 1:48:40 PM
  Web-site help
OK I was needing some help with my betterphoto web-site design. If I go to my Galleries the diff...
10/5/2007 2:58:11 PM
  Basic image uploading
I tried to upload an image to my gallery and only half of the pictures are showing up in the uplo...
10/3/2007 10:40:04 AM
  Selecting a camera when uploading
When I upload images I don't see a place to select a camera from my list of cameras. All my ...
9/28/2007 3:50:24 AM
  client proof vs. password protected
I am looking to upgrade my BetterPholios and I was wondering what is the difference between "clie...
9/25/2007 6:57:44 PM
  the International Society of Photographers
the International Society of Photographers wants me to join their club for money have you heard o...
9/25/2007 6:08:47 PM
  Blocking Unwanted Email
I was wondering if there is an option anywhere on the Deluxe sites to block unwanted email addres...
9/16/2007 5:01:43 PM
  Scheduled Maintenance for Deluxe Betterpholio Site
Did anyone else lose their information on their front page/welcome blurb? They did maintenance l...
9/14/2007 8:53:21 AM
  Messed Up Gallery
Hi, not really sure where to put this question. I was adding a hit counter to my website and did...
9/6/2007 3:20:46 PM
  Favorites Graphic and Icon
I have noticed that I have a graphic above some of my images that says: A BetterPhoto Member Favo...
9/5/2007 10:16:19 PM
  Missing gallery
How do I retreive my missing gallery and bio? I was updatin git and it disappeared. ...
8/28/2007 11:54:40 PM
  Change/Feature Request: Photo Sort Order Columns
Good day all.One of the largest issues I have when trying to sort my images is the fact that the ...
8/28/2007 3:15:33 PM
  How to Get Deluxe Site on Google, Etc.
Is there some discussion about getting one's Deluxe Web Site on Google and other servers? I ...
8/27/2007 5:18:26 AM
  Do the Delux websites pay for themselves?
I'm thinking about signing up for the Deluxe or the Deluxe Pro website, but before I do that ...
8/27/2007 5:15:25 AM
  Blurry Photos
I was wondering if anyone else noticed that photos posted on deluxe website seemed to be blurry w...
8/26/2007 3:08:19 PM
  Pro Sites
Can anyone that has a Pro site tell me the average number of visits per month. How about number o...
8/26/2007 3:02:43 PM
  How to add thumbnails to gallery page
Hi all,I just started my deluxe web site and I canít figure out how to add thumbnails to the gall...
8/24/2007 10:46:16 PM
  Two-Day Super Sale on Deluxe/Pro BetterPholios!
Hi Everyone,Join the celebration of BetterPhoto's new and improved Web sites for photographer...
8/20/2007 2:10:05 PM
  Favorites button disappering?
Hi all. I went to add a gallery to my 'favorites' and the button to do so has disappered....
8/18/2007 7:46:47 AM
  deluxe website
where do I find the link from my member page to my admin center for my website? it used to appea...
8/15/2007 7:01:54 AM
  Request a Feature
It would be great if BetterPhoto added a feature where we could send electronic postcards of our ...
8/9/2007 1:58:43 PM
  HTML code
What is the html code for changing the background of the gallery from white to black?...
8/1/2007 1:47:49 PM
  Adding favorites
I like many of the new features I discovered today but 2 elude me.I can't seem to figure out ...
7/22/2007 3:54:42 PM

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