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  Is Anyone Using a Nikon D 50, Do you Like it ?
Is Anyone Using A D50 ?How do you Like It.?...
12/29/2005 7:08:06 AM
  Linking to Sites
I set up my Deluxe Website recently and got an email from a woman who runs an on-line photo schoo...
12/18/2005 4:50:33 PM
  Enhancement ideas for
Ok, this isn't a suggestion for the Deluxe Web Sites, since I don't have one, but there w...
12/18/2005 6:32:33 AM
  Deluxe Website and Free Gallery
I have many more than 30 photos on my Deluxe site. I have chosen the 30 best to put on my free si...
12/17/2005 5:49:50 PM
  Muddy Images on My Deluxe Website
I just purchased a Deluxe website, and many of my pix look bad -- color off, not sharp, etc. Othe...
12/10/2005 8:04:17 AM
  No link to website under my images
There used to be a link to my deluxe website under each of my gallery images, but now it is gone....
12/9/2005 2:42:52 AM
  Transfer Images From Gallery to New BP Websites?
Is it possible to transfer images directly from Premium Galleries (or the member page) to the new...
11/30/2005 7:01:56 PM
  New Deluxe formats may cause problems. . .
If you own a Deluxe web site at betterphoto and if you are considering switching over to the new ...
11/30/2005 7:15:21 AM
  Website Question...
Hello, all!I am confused abou the recent promotional offer sent to me. It appears to be stating t...
11/29/2005 4:30:55 AM
  deluxe pro site and thumbnails on gallery page
i just upgraded to a deluxe pro website and I want to know how to put thumbnails on my gallery pa...
11/23/2005 1:06:56 PM
  Selling Prints
Hi. I'm new. Just joined today and I have a pretty stupid question I'm sure. I signed up ...
11/21/2005 11:43:09 AM
  chaging my website name
I have a deluxe website but would like to change the name. Does anybody know if this is possible...
11/16/2005 6:34:03 PM
  Premium Gallery Sort Numbers
My problem is renumbering my images in the sort feature for the premium galleries. I can't se...
11/12/2005 9:36:55 AM
  deluxe web sites or delux pro websites?
deluxe web sites or delux pro websites? which would u choose & why?just wondering, cause am n...
10/24/2005 12:13:29 AM
  Image Protection
I enabled image protection on my Deluxe Website ( and was surprised to see that...
10/15/2005 9:04:23 AM
  Kudos to BetterPhoto
This isn't a question but rather a thumbs up to the new site design. I was delighted to see ...
10/12/2005 8:57:22 AM
  Purchasing A Web Site at BP
Can anyone give me information about whether it is worth it to purchase one of the web sites here...
10/11/2005 2:24:55 PM
  Counter Missing
I had a counter on my website to tell how many people visited by site and it disappeared. I just...
9/17/2005 6:21:05 AM
  Printing Margins
I am wanting to print photos on 8.5x11 photo paper. The margins always come out uneven, namely th...
9/13/2005 5:51:56 AM
  Linking to photos
Are you able to hot link to your photos on BetterPhoto? ...
9/9/2005 8:07:22 AM
  linking to a website
I have noticed that some members have a website listed under their name. I just recently built my...
8/31/2005 8:48:44 AM
  Unique visitors
Can anyone tell me what unique visitors are on my web site statistics?Does it mean visitors that ...
8/31/2005 5:17:00 AM
  can you put a pricing page on a delux site?
Hey, Im looking into getting a delux web site, because I just did a senoir portrait session, an...
8/30/2005 7:06:42 PM
  web site
What does unique visitor mean on the statistics on my web site?...
8/28/2005 6:56:37 PM
  Webcounter on my gallery
I notice some members have webcounters on their betterphoto gallery sites. Can anybody please tel...
8/22/2005 10:01:21 AM

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