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  Which Course
I bought my Nikon 7000 about 12 months ago. I have spent a lot of money on workshops and courses...
4/13/2014 5:50:41 PM
  How to Change the Setting from AE to AF
How do I change the setting from AE to AF on the Nikon D7000 pls?...
3/5/2014 3:28:49 PM
  Submitting Photos for Class
I am not certain that the photos I uploaded today for a class assignment are in the proper place ...
1/22/2014 3:55:19 PM
  The instructor
Who teaches these courses? What is this persons back ground and where did they study photography...
1/21/2014 10:23:14 AM
  Self pace courses
Do you get credits for any self pace courses?...
1/3/2014 2:49:56 PM
  Log-in to
Good day to all of you, could some please let me know how can I access to my course in the lighti...
12/23/2013 2:19:50 PM
  Masterpiece Membership
Thinking about signing up for Masterpiece Membership. Curious as to what others have experienced...
12/5/2013 11:48:49 AM
  better photography 101
I purchased Better Photography 101, and I inadvertently deleted the e-mail that I signed in on an...
11/12/2013 9:51:54 PM
  New Course by Richard Lynch!
Hi Everyone,Just a note that Richard has come up with another outstanding online course for Photo...
11/7/2013 11:27:32 AM
  Great Course Sale This Week!
Hi All,Start taking your photo skills to the next level with an interactive online class!Save $40...
10/21/2013 3:30:23 PM
  Excessive emails...
Is it really necessary to send so many emails out selling the courses? I personally cannot afford...
8/4/2013 8:31:32 PM
  gift course
I was given a gift certificate for a course, which is good for a year. Because of health problems...
6/17/2013 10:40:02 PM
  What has happened to the classes?
Did they go away? I was ready to sign up for Deb Sandidge's long exposure course and it (and...
2/4/2013 10:24:59 AM
  How do I upload my self portrait
My name is Alex H. Shah,I have enrolled in a second 4 weeks class, I would like to know how do I ...
11/4/2012 10:02:41 PM
  Which class to take next
Hi,I have taken 2 classes so far, Both of the classes were with Charlotte Lowrie, A class on the ...
9/23/2012 8:53:54 PM
  Obtaining photos
Where do I go to see comments on my photos without clicking the link from my email?...
9/13/2012 7:11:31 AM
  Recommended courses for the Master Training?
Hi! I'm attending the Master Photographer Training program and has just started with the 8 we...
8/14/2012 1:27:57 AM
  Video buffering
I taking the 4-Week Short Course: Adobe Lightroom: A Comprehensive Look Course and the video is a...
7/9/2012 10:53:08 AM
  How to use the Protrait so I can have the backgrou
I am unable to do the homework for this week for the following reasons:Using the portrait setting...
6/19/2012 4:16:39 AM
  New Class on Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Hi Everyone,Just a note that we have posted a new course by pro instructor Ibarionex Perello:
6/17/2012 10:14:32 PM
  Campus Square Access
I am signed in but I can't see a sign in button to access Campus Square.... I start my class ...
2/6/2012 12:31:27 PM
Hi All. I'm hoping you can help me. I'm just starting out and about to complete my first...
10/31/2011 9:50:14 AM
Im new to photography and I would like to take a course but there are so many which course would ...
10/27/2011 8:19:33 PM
  Lesson 5 ISO Assignment
This ISO assignment is an outdoor assignment and I have not turbecame in because for nearly an en...
10/18/2011 3:35:04 PM
  Uploading images
I had a hard time uploading photos yesterday and again this am. I noticed that I have two pics ...
10/10/2011 12:06:55 AM

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