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Category: Best Photographic Equipment to Buy

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  Which is the best for me?
Hello! everyone, I have Nikon DSLR D3200 kit, and 18-200mm Nikon Len, 70-300 mm Sigma Len, 10-20m...
3/17/2014 7:48:39 AM
  Purchasing a New Lens
Hi Everyone, I have a Canon T1i, which I love! But for a gift, my husband bought me a fisheye, a...
2/23/2014 5:40:08 PM
  Gimbal tripod heads
I'd like to buy a Gimbal head for my tripod to use for wildlife photography. Would someone g...
2/15/2014 10:28:02 AM
  Photoshop CS2 and Windows 7-8
If I upgrade my computer to Windows 7 or 8 will I still be able to use Creative Suite CS2?I'd...
2/12/2014 3:18:56 AM
  I need your opinion
I am thinking about buying a new camera and found the best deal on the model I want at Cameta Cam...
1/31/2014 7:28:38 AM
  The Film Sections Are Still Here
It's about time we get more people back here like it used to be. More people are returning to...
1/15/2014 11:35:19 AM it or not?
I've been offered the opportunity to purchase a Rolleiflex camera. Near as I can tell it'...
1/15/2014 11:30:32 AM
  Need to buy a camera (soon).
Until last week I owned a Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 - it has been lost or stolen and I must have a ca...
12/29/2013 1:08:10 PM
  Beginner DSLR for sports photog.
Please advise as to what a good beginner level camera for sports would be. I have a friend who i...
12/25/2013 8:18:39 PM
  Point and Shoot UltraZoom
In the market for a point and shoot ultra zoom, the Canon SX50 IS or something similar. I do a l...
12/10/2013 11:40:47 AM
  What is the best inexpensive monitor ?
My DEll monitor died on me and I have too buy a new one. I am looking to spend under $200 for a 2...
11/30/2013 5:47:51 PM
  Mirrorless Camera
Hi everyone,I am thinking of buying a Sony NEX 6 for a walk around point and shoot. Does anyone h...
11/21/2013 6:54:19 AM
  Filter Question
I hear people talking about a filter they use for bright sunlit areas. I have a uv filter on all ...
10/17/2013 8:39:30 AM
  Canon 1Dx vs 1D Mark4
HI allI am getting a great deal on a used Canon 1 D Mark4 ( used 10k shutters).Can you all help m...
8/26/2013 2:24:56 PM
  Canon 50 mm lens
HI I am planning to buy a 50 mm lens for use with a Canon 7D and a 5D Mark IIIWhich one would be ...
7/22/2013 4:48:05 PM
  lens extenders
I have the Nikon d 3200 with the lens it came with I also bought a zoom lens as well when I bough...
7/17/2013 5:46:10 PM
  Wide format printers
I am in the market for a new wide format photo printer. Any suggestions?...
6/15/2013 11:24:04 AM
  camera repairs
I love my olympus E-500 camera but dropped it and now it is not working (Focusing). Would it wise...
6/4/2013 7:27:27 PM
  1.8 lense...Good Choice?
I am thinking of buying either the Canon 50 mm 1.8 or the 85 mm 1.8. Anyone have an opinion? I ...
5/6/2013 10:12:20 PM
  Best macro/portrait lense for Nikon
Hello,I would like to buy a lense that can take close-up portraits of babies and detail work but ...
4/11/2013 8:46:14 AM
  Upgrade to 5D MkIII or 1Dx
Hi allI am doing mostly wildlife( big cats and birds) and travel landscape photography.I am curre...
4/7/2013 4:31:42 AM
  selling gear
Hello. Does anyone know the best way to sell used equipment? I have a Canon 7d that I used for ...
3/25/2013 11:39:11 PM
  Camera Store in San Francisco
My name is Luciana and Im one of your students. Im going to US in SF for a week. Would like to...
3/16/2013 3:51:29 PM
  Ultrabook for Photo Work
Hello. I am in the market for an laptop that is light enough to be considered portable and powerf...
2/14/2013 5:49:27 AM
  Pentax K-5II
My Canon T3i is having problems. I was on the verge of upgrading to a 60D, but have been reading ...
2/11/2013 9:54:37 AM

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