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  Phellos Winners Circle Aug11-Jan12
Phello Photographers Club Winners Circle August 11 thru January 12. ...
2/29/2012 1:12:12 PM
  Time Stamp
I'd like to remove the time stamp from some pictures. I've read that digitally altering ...
2/19/2012 2:03:41 PM
  remove date from a photo
I have a photo in which the date comes on my son's face. I want to remove it. I saw many opti...
2/19/2012 7:49:57 AM
  Date Stamps...again
Ok, what I meant when I asked this question the first time was...How do I get a date stamp off of...
2/19/2012 4:10:15 AM
  Nikon D4
Just a comment, Nikon has finally announced the brand new model to it's full size sensor line...
2/14/2012 12:25:19 PM
  Lightroom 3 available for $79.95 from Adorama
If you want Adobe Lightroom 3, but don't want to pay the $270+ normal price, today is your da...
2/14/2012 6:28:01 AM
  editor's picks
I am returning to BP after too much career! Question--are they choosing fewer editor's pick...
2/13/2012 4:42:23 PM
  How to Shoot Inside a Gym?
I have been asked to photograph cheerleaders (25 girls dancing during halftime)in a gym during b...
2/8/2012 6:49:46 PM
  image count on cameras
I have a Nikon D-200 and want to upgrade.How do I find out how many images I've taken with th...
2/6/2012 7:31:35 AM
  Camera Bag Purse
Does anyone know of great quality camera bag purses for women? I have looked online and found Ch...
2/5/2012 6:13:52 AM
  Online backup service experiences?
Yes, I did actually do a search for this topic, expecting to find numerous threads already runnin...
2/3/2012 2:23:48 AM
  Photoshop & Plug-ins
Do you need Photoshop CS5 in order to use plug-ins? Or can they be used with the Elements versio...
1/31/2012 8:59:07 AM
  Capturing the Milky Way
I have seen a few images of the Milky Way and wanted to ask if anyone has captured images of it ...
1/31/2012 7:57:14 AM
  How to view other photos
i have a basic membership and would like to view photos by others but I don't seem to know ho...
1/29/2012 2:07:41 PM
I have a $20 coupon toward purchase of Photoshop Elements...if anyone would like it please PM me....
1/28/2012 7:14:41 AM
  Editing Software to Replace Picnik
I use Picnik to add textures and do some extras to photos. Picnik is closing as of April 19th. ...
1/25/2012 6:59:59 PM
  Black and White and Camera RAW
Hello BP Community. I shoot with a Canon 50D. I have my C1 function dial programed for Black and...
1/25/2012 6:18:57 AM
I have noticed several photos with flying birds in the distance. Since the same birds appear in ...
1/24/2012 3:19:02 PM
  colorizing in PSE
some time back on a PSE thread, someone told how to add a "spot of color" to a B/W image using th...
1/23/2012 10:40:11 AM
  CP Filter / IR Filter on a UWA Lens?
I am a total novice when it comes to using an Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) lens in combination with Fi...
1/20/2012 9:21:40 AM
  Puerto Rico Locales
My wife and I may go to Puerto Rico within the next several months. If anyone has insights for p...
1/18/2012 2:38:34 PM
  downloading photos
I uploaded a picture to my website but somehow it got deleted from my hard drive on the computer....
1/18/2012 11:47:31 AM
  Photographing Four Kids
Hi There,I'm shooting four kids for the first time (ages 9, 5 and two 3 year-olds, so they wo...
1/17/2012 11:34:11 AM
  Hanging Photos in a Gallery
I have been taken on by a new gallery. My photos are being displayed on a wall diagonally to a l...
1/17/2012 6:07:55 AM
  EXIF Data
How do I look at EXIF data in Photoshop CS5?...
1/11/2012 1:28:52 PM

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