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  Kit Lenses for Digital Rebel
I've been told with other lenses, I have to take the focal length times 1.6 (I think) to dete...
8/2/2004 4:02:43 PM
  Formatting for Mac Compatible?
I am working on a submission for a company right now. Their email said, "Please format for MAC c...
7/29/2004 10:12:00 PM
  Portable Image Storage
I have heard there is a device that you can transfer images from a CF card into, for instance whe...
7/22/2004 6:43:29 AM
  Saving Photos from a Digital Camera
I just purchased my first digital camera (Canon Rebel Digital). My question is what is the best ...
7/21/2004 12:38:37 PM
  Digital Print Protection
Hello, I am looking for some kind of a protective coating (spray?) that I can put on my digital p...
7/8/2004 10:48:18 AM
  Effective vs. Recorded Pixels
The specs on my new Fujifilm F610 camera are quoted as 6.3 effective pixels and 12.3 recorded pix...
7/8/2004 5:56:34 AM
  Card Error: What to Do?
I have a card of 64MB and the camera says "card error" when I try to review the pictures, I can&#...
6/30/2004 1:11:36 PM
  Frames That Look Like 3D
I have seen images posted that have frames around them where it appears to be 3D. Can anyone hel...
6/30/2004 6:12:51 AM
  Complimentary Colors
What are the three complimentary colors in printing?...
6/21/2004 8:27:55 PM
  Web Site Traffic and Sales
Please forgive the long preface to my question. I'm not a professional in that I have ever ma...
6/17/2004 9:14:04 PM
  Scanning: Prints Vs. Negative
I have recently become a digital convert, and would like to start digitizing some of my best 35mm...
6/7/2004 8:20:09 AM
  White Balance: What, Why, How
What can anyone tell me about white balance? I am considering buying a digital camera and don'...
5/22/2004 12:04:26 PM
  Can I View Images to be Photographed?
Hi friends. I have Nikon D70 SLR camera. I want to know: Can I see the image on the monitor of th...
5/18/2004 9:40:22 AM
  Macro Lens for Canon Digital Rebel
I love to do macro/close-up shots when shooting photos (mostly nature). I recently purchased a Ca...
5/5/2004 5:51:39 AM
  Digital vs. Optical Zoom
What is the difference between a digital and optical zoom? I have a Nikon 5700 Coolpix and never ...
4/20/2004 8:01:58 AM
  The X Factor ... in Optical Zoom
What does X mean in optical zoom?...
4/13/2004 6:40:06 AM
  Digital Performance in Cold Weather
I have a question about digital SLR camera performance in sub zero winter conditions. Just how we...
4/10/2004 10:01:53 PM
  Converting from RAW to TIFF
I recently had a chance to borrow a D2H Nikon camera, with which I shot about 130 raw compressed ...
4/8/2004 6:07:49 AM
  Photo Printers
I'd love to have a photo printer, but don't know where to start, so I thought I'd go ...
4/3/2004 11:32:40 AM
  Borderless Printing
I have an Epson Photo 1280 and use Photoshop 7. I am unable to print a borderless picture with t...
3/30/2004 12:14:27 PM
  How to Make a Frame Around a Photo
Can I make a frame around a pic in PS? How? Thanks....
3/24/2004 7:59:26 PM
  Saving Digital Photo Files
HELP! I am a novice digital photographer. I use a Nikon D100 and edit the images with Photoshop...
3/17/2004 11:51:51 PM
My Kodak DX4530 is a 5 mp digital camera but the compression is so great that my pictures general...
3/9/2004 6:43:02 AM
  How Important are Scanners?
Hello, I have a question about going digital. I plan to keep using my film camera (Canon Rebel 20...
3/4/2004 3:51:12 PM
  What is Bracketing
I am a beginner and I was wondering what it means to bracket....
2/24/2004 8:01:33 PM

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