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BetterPhoto for Young Adults

Picture of Baby Racoon By DeniseAre you ready to have some fun taking pictures?

This section at® is dedicated to kids and young adults interested in the art of taking pictures. Whether you have been snapping pics for a while or you are just picking up a camera for the first time, this site is for you! We are here to help you learn how to take great photos.

The good news is that it's easy! With the excellent cameras available today, you can get good pictures right from the start. But there are a few tricks to making better photos. With the helpful tips you'll find here, you will make those "good" pictures "GREAT" and take more and more great pictures every day.

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Photography Articles for Teens and Kids

10 Raccoon Pictures that Teach Photography
Get down low to capture your pet's personality.

Tricks for Pet Photography
Get down low to capture your pet's personality.

Funny Pictures
Capture humor with animals and other subjects.

Photography Articles for Teens and Kids

Unforgettable Faces
How to take better pictures of your friends.

Family Photography Tips
Get great pictures of your mom, dad, brother, and/or sister.

Photography Articles for Teens and Kids

How to Take Vacation Pictures
Lights, Colors, and Action! - Amusement Parks
Ideas for projects and photo assignments

Intro to Photography Assignments
The best way to begin learning photography is to go out taking pictures. The photo assignments in the following article will give you guidance on what to shoot as you learn.

Q&A on Freelance Photography Jobs

Ten Tips to Get Better Photographic Results

Top 10 Photography Tips
10 things you can do to get awesome pictures.

Ideas for projects and photo assignments

Photo Galleries for Inspiration
Viewing other great photos is a great way to get ideas and inspiration for what you should try to shoot with your camera. Check out these photo galleries:
   bulletBaby Animals and Pets
   bulletBaby Pictures and Little Kids
The best magazines for photographers

Outdoor Photographer
A great magazine for those interested in taking pictures of nature and landscapes, Outdoor has many helpful articles on photographic techniques and more.

Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard
These two magazines are full of wonderful photos of animals. If you are interested in taking pictures of wildlife, be sure to subscribe to one or both of these magazines.

Other Magazines
BetterMentor Program

Famous Photographer Biographies
We won't do your homework for you, but we'll help you know where to begin looking for answers. Start here to learn more about great photographers of the past and present.

Homework Helper

How you can get inspired has launched an exciting partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters!
For Your Mom or Dad to Read

The following is for your mom and dad to read: We have "safer than the law" standards. BetterPhoto is a family-friendly Web site and, for this kids area, we go beyond our usual high standards for protection.
   bulletThere is no chat room.
   bulletWe do not allow email addresses or any other private information to be shared.
   bulletIf a young person ever decides to take a course at BetterPhoto, we need the parent's permission first.
A note from the President and Founder of BetterPhoto, Jim Miotke

A note from the President of BetterPhoto:

"We at BetterPhoto hope you gain a lot from these articles and resources. If you ever feel worried about your ability to do photography (or anything else for that matter), know that we all feel that way from time to time. Don't let it stop you. Have a great time taking better and better pictures!"



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