Feedback on Your Photography... from a Famous Pro Photographer

Feedback on Your Photos... from a Real Pro

In each photography class, you get critiques and commentary from a world-acclaimed photographer - someone who knows from experience what works and what doesn't work in the world of photography.

Many of our students say that this exchange is their favorite part of the course experience.

This back and forth, highly interactive learning system is, by far, the most effective way to learn (and remember what you've been taught).

Get to the top of your game... with a professional photographer helping you become your very best.

"The feedback is worth the price of the course itself. The instructor tells you what works and why, and what you should try to avoid next time and, again, why."

- Amritendu Maji
Kenner, LA

"The assignments are critiqued by a person who's a master photographer with a gentle touch. They're detailed, personalized and their energy continues to astound me... "

- Arlene Krauss
Lafayette Hill, PA