Make life-long friends who share your passion for photography

Global Community of Photographers

We like to call it "Camera-raderie" :) Many of our students have made life-long friends with people from around the world who share their love of photography

We have a very high rate of returning students because we deliver on our promises! We are dedicated to making your experience at BetterPhoto the best it can be. That's why everyone is so happy in the great BetterPhoto community.

And you benefit from this global community by getting to see how other passionate photographers interpret the assignment. You see photos from all around the world... and many students become close friends with their fellow photographers. Some meet up when they travel to go out shooting together, and many join us at one of the BetterPhoto Summits that we conduct each year.

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"It has been wonderful to interact with other students. This was a great class!"

- Diana Lemieux
Roslindale, MA

"Fellow students, I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from your work. Happy shooting to all of you!"

- Janis Herd
Kerrville, TX