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Portrait or Personal Image - Jenni  Bidner Jenni Bidner

Jen Bidner is an instructor with She has 20 years experience in the photo industry as an editor, author, and photographer. She is the author of over a dozen books. Jenni is the former editor of Petersenís PHOTOgraphic magazine and Outdoor & Travel Photography magazine. She is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a BS from their Professional Photography Department

Bidner is the author of over a dozen books including:

  • Love Your Dog Pictures: How to Take Great Photographs of your Pet (Amphoto)
  • Is My Dog a Wolf? (Lark Books, Juvenile)
  • Is My Cat a Tiger (Lark Books, Juvenile)
  • The Amphoto Complete Guide to Photography (Amphoto)
  • The Kidsí Guide to Digital Photography (Lark/Sterling, Barnes & Nobles)
  • Dog Heroes: Saving Lives & Protecting America (Lyons Press)
  • Kodakís Most Basic Book on Digital Printing (Lark/Kodak)
  • The Lighting Cookbook for Fashion and Beauty Photography (Amphoto)
  • The Lighting Cookbook (Amphoto)
  • Guide for Models: Inside Advice from Industry Pros (Lark Books)
  • Making Family Websites (Lark Books)
  • Best of Nature Photography (Amherst Media)
  • Kodak Pocket Guide to Digital Photography (Kodak/Silver Pixel Press)

In addition, Bidnerís words and pictures have been published in numerous major magazines and newspapers worldwide.

In her spare time, Jen Bidner is a K-9 Handler with a volunteer search & rescue unit in the Chicago area, working with her two dogs Ajax and Yukon to find lost and missing people. Her award-winning book Dog Heroes: Saving Lives & Protecting America (Lyons Press) features her photographs and stories of search and rescue dogs.

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