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Find Your Next Photography Course by Skill Level

Beginner Skill Level - 1 - BeginnerSerious Hobbyist Serious Hobbyist - 2 - BeginnerIntermediate Skill Level - 3 - IntermediateAdvanced Skill Level - 4 - Advanced

Learn to create images that possess visual interest, movement and depth.

This course will teach you how you can make part-time or full-time income with your photography in a stock photo agency.

Learn how to capture memorable portraits without sophisticated lighting equipment.

Expand your possibilities for all types of photography and gain more satisfaction from your pictures as you take a journey into storytelling photography.

Learn how to become a master in composition in ways that you may have never considered.

Start producing dynamic portraits after learning to pose your subject, gain an awareness of light and background, and making creative use of flash and focal length.

Learn to shoot captivating portraits in a variety of situations in this exciting four-week online course.

Learn what it takes to successfully have your photographs published.

Learn how to put your very best foot forward, developing portfolios that display your finest photos.

Transform your photography from mediocre and unfulfilling to exciting and dramatic.

Whether you're photographing at the beach, in the snow, or in your own backyard, you can learn how to handle every exposure situation with confidence.

Expand your creativity beyond your expectations with these advanced Photoshop techniques.

This fun course is about getting out and capturing memorable moments.

Learn how to gain new power in your images through the understanding and choosing of lens aperture.

Learn how to take your photography to the next level by discovering how to see, control and use light.

Black-and-white has become an elegant way of capturing the world in photography.

Learn how to achieve real visual impact in your photography.

Learn to take control of image color in this exciting online course.

Learn exciting new techniques for capturing dynamic landscape images.

Learn to handle all kinds of photographic situations in low light circumstances.

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Further Questions? If you need help choosing the course that would be best for you, feel free to email us. Let us know what you would most like to learn, how you feel about your skill level, and which instructors interest you the most. We will be happy to help you narrow down all the great choices.

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