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Beginner Skill Level - 1 - BeginnerSerious Hobbyist Serious Hobbyist - 2 - BeginnerIntermediate Skill Level - 3 - IntermediateAdvanced Skill Level - 4 - Advanced

Learn to capture stunning images from your Canon EOS T4i (650D), T3i (600D), T3 (1100D), T2i (550D), T1i (500D), 450D, 1000D, 400D, 350D, or 300D camera.

This course is especially designed for students who own a Canon digital SLR camera, but who have little or no knowledge of photography.

Learn how to make the best photos you can create with your digital camera.

Learn the fundamental concepts for making beautiful photos.

Gain control and confidence in your digital photography - with both composition and exposure.

Master the nuances of this powerful image-editing software.

Learn to use the best-selling DSLR cameras in the world: the Canon EOS Digital Rebel series, from the original model (EOS 300D) right up to the latest models: the upscale EOS Digital Rebel T5i (EOS 700D) and the smallest/lightest EOS Digital Rebel to date, the EOS SL1 (EOS 100D).

This four-week course is designed to teach the beginning photographer about the D-SLR and have fun doing it.

Learn how to use the various features and functions of the Nikon D5000 to best effect.

In this exciting four-week course, you'll learn how to express your own personal vision by exposing images correctly at the time you shoot them.

Learn how to get the most out of your photos with Photoshop CS6, a powerful image editing program that is an important tool for processing digital images.

This 2-week online course will take the mystery out of the DSLR camera's essential modes and overrides.

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Further Questions? If you need help choosing the course that would be best for you, feel free to email us. Let us know what you would most like to learn, how you feel about your skill level, and which instructors interest you the most. We will be happy to help you narrow down all the great choices.

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