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What Our Customers Email to Their Friends

One or our many "raving fan" customers emailed the following letter to a friend and CC'd us in on it. Nothing has been changed except for the name of the recipient. Take a look at this note to learn how our courses work and how they can benefit you, straight from one of our students expressing it in her own words.

JanDear Elaine,

Gary and Harold were talking about my photography adventures, and Harold mentioned that your were taking an increased interest in it and asked if I'd fill you in on what I'm doing.

I've taken a whole host of classes from The concept is that you take scheduled web-based classes with people from all over the world. There might be anywhere from 3 to 20 people in a class. Each class has it's own "intranet" that not only allows you to upload photos, pick up lessons, etc., but you can also see the other students' images, make comments, ask questions... in short... it's a real classroom. The students are generally very active in the Q&A and also critiques of each other's photos. The instructors are absolutely first rate. I have taken more than a dozen classes and, while I have my favorite instructors, I have never been disappointed in any of my instructors. They are conscientious, timely with their critiques, very constructive and just plain wonderful. These are elite photographers who enjoy teaching. Jim Miotke who is the founder and CEO of the company is terrific and always looking for ways to expand and inspire new photographers as well as those who are more experienced. Many of the students take advantage of photo safaris sponsored by the instructors, buy their books and DVDs, etc. It's pretty effective for everyone involved.

The courses come in 8-week and 4-week formats. You get your lessons on Wednesdays and have at least a week to complete the assignment. Instructors are very forgiving of the vagaries of our (and their) schedules and don't mind if you're late with an assignment. They do their best to accommodate the classes even when they are out in remote areas doing their "photo safaris". Many of them go "above and beyond" in providing you with extra tips, articles, etc. The courses run about $200-$360... the lower number for the 4 week. If you end up taking a lot of courses, they reward you with discounts on future courses, something I have exploited shamelessly.

The level of expertise expected in the courses is clearly indicated in the course list and descriptions, along with a list of whatever equipment or software you should have to take the course. But, I have participated at all levels, even those in which I am well over my head. People are generous in that way.

The work of the other students is a huge part of the appeal... you can learn from everyone and many of the students are spectacularly talented. It's breathtaking...

So, if you're really getting into taking pictures, especially portraits of your grandchildren... there are a number of courses that will play exactly into your interests. I've taken one portrait course, from Ibarionex Perello, and it turned me from an apprehensive person who was afraid to ask strangers for a chance to take their photo to an increasingly enthusiastic "candid" portrait person. You can see some of what I'm doing on, my web site. (They provide you with a variety of web site options where you can display your work and provide access to friends and family as well as your fellow students. It's fun.)

So... I think that by now you have gotten the idea that I am an enthusiast. There are some other web-based photo class options. I've looked at them, but I've been so happy with BP that I haven't been tempted to switch. They keep coming up with new courses and the existing list is still longer than the list of courses I've taken.

Hope this helps, Elaine.

JanLet me know if I can provide any other information.


Janice M. LeCocq

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