Online Photography Classes: What Others Are Saying

  • "I feel like I got my money's worth for the course in the first two days!! Can't wait for the rest!!" -Kelly Barclay

  • "I have been telling friends and family how much I have enjoyed the course and this site... I not only learned but also enjoyed my time while doing it." -Rik Michaud

  • "When I bought my SLR camera, it was really over my head. I kind of felt like I had a really fancy microwave that did amazing things and all I knew how to do was make popcorn. You gave me the confidence to adjust the settings off of 'auto'." -Kim Zacha

  • The warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere of the class gave me the incentive to keep going." -Sharon C. Nickodem

  • "Never before have I absorbed so much insight and technical information from an instructor in such a short period of time." -Michele A. Katcher

    BetterPhoto courses
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    BetterPhoto courses
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  • "These courses are very easy to follow; the notes and example of photos provided are invaluable... I have recommended BetterPhoto to my friends and family... Thanks for making my retirement a lot more enjoyable and interesting." -Geoff Butler

  • "What a wonderful experience I am getting out of! With my disability, I have often experienced rejection. At, I have had an unexpected amount of support, encouragement, tips and tricks from a lot of students, as well as (from the instructor)!" -Sophie Ouellet

  • "Without the BetterPhoto classes, I would be struggling to learn what I have in such a short period. The instructors' accessibility along with their critiques were outstanding... I would read and absorb every critique not only to me but also to the fellow students."-Ed Heaton

  • "I would like to say THANK YOU for starting this school and Web site... I have learned so much with your wonderful classes and great teachers."-Sibylle Basel

  • "As a professor of education, I am impressed by the approach of the courses at BetterPhoto. The clear lesson presentation, individual feedback and access to other student work provides an excellent way to learn." -Michael J. Keppell

  • "The professional photographers/instructors here are true mentors who go above and beyond in educating us and providing a clear pathway to success." -Ronald Zincone

  • "Your course has helped me more than you will ever know ... It's a great learning process." -Melissa J. Vance

    BetterPhoto online photography classes
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    BetterPhoto online courses
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  • "These courses are great. They're one of the better choices I have made to improve my photography as well as my life." -Jeanne Loveall

  • "The critiques have taught me what is good and what isn't, and the classes have helped me develop my skills." -Donnarae Moratelli

  • "The ideas I practiced in this course will leave a lasting appreciation for the creative approach to photography." -Charles W. Thompson

  • "I will be back for more! By the way, I work at a local community college and you could teach us a thing or two about online courses. This really has been great!" -Danny Maple

  • "I have taken a class online with a different site and felt lost most of the time. Like other students in this class, I will be signing up for more classes." -Pam Cooley

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  • "To be able to learn from such great instructors... Being forced to complete assignments and not making excuses has to be one of the best reasons to take courses at BetterPhoto." -Wanda Judd

  • "My only regret is the class is only 8 weeks" -Laurie Meehan-Elmer

  • "These classes are among the best that I have ever taken, online or in 'real life'." -Irene Troy

  • "I learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses - more than I thought I would. Learning from the others in the course was just as valuable as well. It was great fun to have 8 focused assignments to do every week. My kids LOVED the idea of their Dad having to do homework as well." -Mark Holloway

  • I am stunned on how much I have learned... Bravo! And thanks!" -Robert L. Zakrison

  • My photography skills improved 100 percent." -Anthea Goering

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  • "Honestly, pretty much everything I have learned I've learned through BetterPhoto... The classes have been great, the instructors extremely knowledgeable and always willing to share their years of experience." -Joe Jarosz

  • "I was highly inspired and challenged by your assignments and your critiques made me want to be the best that I could possibly be. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us and for your honesty in judging our photographs. You let our creativity streak run wild and let us be wide open when doing our 'homework'." -Sherri Conley

  • "I've learned more in 8 short weeks than I could have in a year out on my own." -Marlene Shuman

  • "I am amazed how much I learned in such a short time." -Shelly Loree

  • "I learned so much that I have signed up for another... It felt like I was sitting in a classroom." -Peggy Sells

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