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Announcements and Anniversaries

Good News about BetterPhoto Members

  Member   2 Special Announcements
1.  Joseph T. Dick
Member Since: 2009
United States
2.  Gheorghe Rotaru
Member Since: 2012

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The following BetterPhoto members are celebrating their anniversary today! Happy anniversary!

  Member Name Country Since Home Page


1.  ilana Peled  Graduate BetterPhoto Photography Class Graduate x 2   Israel  2001     
2.  bruce tighe   Canada  2002     
3.  Diane L. Thomas  Graduate BetterPhoto Photography Class Graduate   United States  2004     
4.  Kathy Wesserling  Graduate BetterPhoto Photography Class Graduate   USA  2005     
5.  Judith MacArthur   USA  2005 
6.  Shahjahan Male Wahid     2008     
7.  Robert Hechinger  Graduate BetterPhoto Photography Class Graduate   Singapore  2008 
8.  Joseph Cosentino  Graduate BetterPhoto Photography Class Graduate x 19   United States  2011     
9.  Jo-Anne Raskin   United States  2013     
10.  Jeri Hughes   United States  2013     
11.  Jei Chiang     2014     

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