Certified Better Photographer

Master Photographer Training Program

Would you like to:
    Enjoy photography as a master photographer, or

    Become a BetterPhoto instructor or contest judge, or

    Become a pro photographer?

Whether you dream of starting your own photography business, becoming a BetterPhoto instructor, or simply mastering the craft, I have good news for you.

Your dream can come true!

  • For each level in this program, you get 24 weeks of awesome online INTERACTIVE instruction... at your own pace.
  • Take ANY BetterPhoto classes, ANY skill level.
  • Take classes ANYTIME within the next 1 to 2 years.
  • Have your very own Course Advisor at your side.
  • BONUS: get a free Basic photo gallery for 1 year, valued at $49.
  • ANOTHER BONUS: your Testing Fee (worth $75) is included.

Get the most respected and successful professional instructors on your side!

Reaching each milestone of the Master Photographer Training Program will skyrocket your knowledge!

Get recognized for your creative excellence... as a Master Photographer!

Up to 6 classes*

Only $1199

per level

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Bargain Bundle

Certified Better Photographer

  • Save over $1000 with the Master Photographer Training Program!

Get your bundle of courses now and save $292 off of 2012 pricing.

PLUS: you get bonuses valued at $712. That's a total savings of $1004.

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What's Your Next Level?

Advanced Certified Better Photographer

Each bundle gets you 24 weeks of interactive instruction with pro photographers.

Upon completion of each level, you take a test. Pass the test and you earn a certificate and qualify to advance to the next level:

  2. - demonstrating superior skill in photographic technique.
  4. - excellence in advanced topics and techniques.
  6. - you rock! you show complete and consistent competency as a master of your craft.
  8. - you understand how to make money helping clients with photographic or educational services.
  10. - earn the opportunity to apply to our team. If you meet our demanding standards***, you can create self-paced courses and earn good money while helping the BetterPhoto community, and/or become one of the judges for BetterPhoto's monthly photo contest.

    Then, pick your choice of the TOP LEVEL:

  12. - you totally rock!!! you are now fully prepared to serve clients, lead workshops, sell stock photography, and create products. You combine excellent photographic skills with a solid knowledge of business and the kind of writing skills that will get you noticed.


    - you equally rock!!! Applicants must demonstrate superb critiquing skill in addition to writing skills, professional character qualities, etc. For more information on BetterPhoto Instructor Requirements, see below.***

Complete each level to rise to the next
When you finish each level, take the test, and get your certificate, you qualify to advance to the next level.

Your Previous Courses Do Get Applied!

You may already be halfway to becoming a Master Photographer.
If you've taken many BetterPhoto classes already, your past work counts! Check the "My Courses" area in your Profile (pancakes icon in the upper left) or contact us... We'll help you figure out where you're at.

Wherever you currently are, get yourself to the next level... for only $1199.

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*** BetterPhoto Instructor Requirements:
Our instructors are all experienced pros who are published and have extensive teaching and writing experience. With that in mind, we look for instructors who have:
  1. Stellar imagery.
  2. Published photography credits. (Ask us for hints on how you can get this done as you're completing your Mastery Training).
  3. Strong writing ability - how-to photography books published by established publishers and/or how-to articles published in photo magazines. (Again, ask us for tips and hints on how to get this requirement met as you're learning.)
  4. Teaching experience (in workshops, seminars, or classes).
  5. A friendly attitude.
If you feel you qualify, or can get qualified before your Assistant Instructor or Master Instructor training is complete, you may just have what it takes to become a BetterPhoto instructor. We encourage you to sign up for the Master Photographer Training Program.

Which Courses

Master Certified Better Photographer This is the simple part! You get to take ANY BetterPhoto classes, any skill level. You get 24 weeks of courses, in the pace and combination that suits you best. For example, you can take:

  • SIX 4-week classes
  • THREE 8-week classes
  • ONE 8-week class and FOUR 4-week classes
  • TWO 8-week classes and TWO 4-week classes
  • (you get the idea)

Don't know which courses to take? No worries... you can decide later. Or your personal Course Advisor will be happy to help you.

Although most people complete the course within one year, you can take these classes anytime within the next 2 years. We give you the flexibility AND structure you need to succeed. So you can take a couple courses, then take a break to travel or rest. Then simply start your next course when you return.

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What You Learn

What you'll learn includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Understand exposure, inside and out.
  • Quick steps to using light for dramatic results.
  • Working with white balance for better pictures.
  • Gain a command of choosing ISO settings.
  • Make strong creative decisions.
  • Fine-tune your images by accurately using f-stops and shutter speeds.
  • Learn how to see the way the camera does, including composition, rule of thirds, and other ways to improve your "eye."
  • Learn tips and techniques for shooting your favorite subjects, including lighting and lens choices.
  • How to use the camera's LCD for better photos.
  • Guides to composition: format, subject placement, lines, patterns, etc.
  • Tools of composition: lens focal length, depth of field, tripod, etc.
  • Near and far: framing, looking for alternate compositions, camera angle, details, etc.
  • Light and time: form, texture, times of day, shutter speed, modifying light, etc.

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Master Certified Better Photographer

  • What if I've already taken a lot of courses?
  • Easy. You get credited for courses already completed.

    If you have already completed all 24 weeks of classes, for example, all you need to do is pass a test to indicate you've master prerequired techniques.

    If you have 1 or 2 classes left to go, you may want to simply take those classes and then buy the $75 testing. And THEN you can sign up for Mastery to get to the next level.

    If you have several classes to complete, sign up for the Master Photographer Training Program today and we'll help you find out exactly where you are in the path and what you need to get to the next level.

  • Which courses can I take?
  • Any courses, any skill level. If you need help deciding, we'll guide you to the best courses for you and your goals.

  • Can I switch courses if I get into one and don't like it?
  • We want you to be happy and have the most enjoyable experience as you master photography, so we allow you to switch up to 2 times and only if you switch before the 2nd lesson of your current course is emailed out.

  • How will I earn my certificate?
  • After you complete your 24 weeks of classes (anytime within the next two years), you'll take a test where you submit 20 photos demonstrating understanding of core concepts and techniques. A Master Instructor will review your work and tell you whether you pass or what you need to improve.

  • What if I have enough course credits for a higher level, do I still need to take the test for the lower level(s)?
  • Good news! You only need to take the test for the next level - not the lower test(s).

Further questions? Email our team: moc.otohpretteb@noitacifitrec

This is the BEST way to learn photography, hands down!

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How Courses Work

If you're new to our famous interactive courses, here's how they work:
  • Lessons are sent weekly by email and also available in your online classroom.
  • You learn with fellow students from all over the world.
  • Motivating assignments get you out shooting.
  • Assignment images are critiqued by your instructor and viewed by your peers. Everyone learns from one another.
  • Your Course Campus Square is a safe, private forum where you can ask questions, get advice and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people.
  • Get answers in the BetterPhoto Forums
  • Take part in the monthly photography contest

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Plus you get...

Master Certified Better Photographer Further your learning experience with monthly themes, learn from monthly critiques of top photos, and interact with fellow elite photographers, people from around the world who are equally committed to mastering the art of photography.

Get the best prices, and the best experience. Begin your journey to becoming a master photographer today!

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What Master Training students are saying...

  • "I am a certification-oriented student, so for me, the Master Training program - as well as the wonderful staff at BetterPhoto.com - has been a perfect fit in helping me to achieve my goals. Since I started taking classes, my photography skills have improved a hundred-fold and I can highly recommend this program, as well as this school, to photographers at all levels." -Aoibheann Ní Choileáin

  • "I have learnt so much during these first weeks. The lessons contain everything you need to know, written in a simple way so that you can understand - even mef, who is from Sweden and doesn't have English as my first language. The assignments are fun and the criticism of the photos is very educational. ... Too bad the course is over, but I'm really keen to learn more! This first course was the perfect kick-start on my way to become a Certified Photographer. Thank you!" -Marie Ekström

The BetterPhoto Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee

100%, No Risk, No Hassle Guarantee:

We are so certain we can help you become a master photographer, we back up every offer with a generous "Better-Than-Money-Back" guarantee:

Our Online Photography Course Guarantee

Having tens of thousands of raving fan customers, we're confident that you will be delighted with your interactive photography courses at BetterPhoto. All the same, this is my promise to you: Our guarantee is straightforward. If you aren't happy for any reason, let us know within 14 days of the first course start date and you'll get a 100% refund. Plus, we'll let you keep the bonus course material!

Jim Miotke, Owner
BetterPhoto.com, Inc.

Get Up to 6 Classes*
Only $1199 USD
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* You can take six 4-week classes or another combination of 4- and 8-week courses that total 24 weeks. Click the "Course Combinations" tab above to learn more. NOTE: Courses and instructors subject to change. We are always improving our offerings!