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Most recently, Lynne Eodice has done writing, editing and photography for publications that include Digital Photographer, Rangefinder, California Tour & Travel and Double Exposure, and is the former Feature Editor for Petersenís PHOTOgraphic magazine. She is also the author of a how-to book called Photos That Inspire Photo Workshop, from Wiley Publishing. At BetterPhoto, she teaches an exciting 4-week online photography course: Learning to Shoot Inspiring Images. We welcome Lynne to our BetterPhoto team!

How long have you been a photographer?
I began shooting pictures during the late í80s, after my husband gave me a Canon SLR for our wedding anniversary. He thought that I would never use it and that he would, but I wound up falling in love with photography. I read a lot of books about the subject and took classes at night. (Eventually I taught some classes at the school of photography I attended.) I was working in the garment industry at the time, but decided I wanted to make the move to photography as a career.

How did you begin your career?
I started working for the local newspaper taking pictures, and then eventually writing feature stories, which I illustrated with my photography. I think weekly newspapers are a great way to hone your skills for beginning photographers who want to get into the field. I free-lanced for several other newspapers, and then had the opportunity to move on to Petersenís PHOTOgraphic as an associate editor. I have also sold my stock images through an agency called PhotoBank and Index Stock Imagery. Today, Iím free-lancing, which I really enjoy. My photography and writing are real passions, and Iím thrilled to be able to make money doing this.

What kind of photography do you most enjoy?
I enjoy shooting a wide variety of subjects, ranging from portraiture to still life, but my favorite type of photography is travel, landscape, nature and architecture. I love going to new places to shoot pictures, and capturing whatís special about a particular location. For example, I enjoy photographing the red rocks of Utah and the unique architecture of places like New Mexico. Iím trying to challenge myself lately with Photoshop techniques, and I also like to capture motion in my images.

What Inspires You?
Learning new innovations in technology can be very inspiring. I am a teacher, but since thereís always something new to learn, I consider myself a student as well. Digital technology constantly offers new challenges, and we owe it to ourselves to stay updated on whatís happening in the world of imaging. Another thing that inspires me is the idea of doing new projects. When I recently taught a travel photography course, it was the impetus to shoot a lot of new images, as well as scanning many that I already had that were shot with film.

What Do You Like Best About Teaching Photography?
The fact that itís been a very rewarding experience. I have found that I really enjoy helping people learn something new, and really feel good when I hear that some students incorporate my photographic advice into their shooting. I look forward to doing this at BetterPhoto.

What Course Will You Be Teaching at BetterPhoto?
I will teach an introductory four-week course called ďLearning How to Shoot Inspiring Photos.Ē Iíll cover the basics, beginning with the shooting modes on a D-SLR, move onto f-stops and shutter speeds made easy, how to have more creative control, and getting inspired by shooting your favorite subjects. This will be a fun course, and I hope students will enjoy it as much as Iíve enjoyed putting it together. I think that is a great photo community, learning center, and offers a lot to photographers of all skill levels. Iím very pleased to become part of it.

What are your favorite places to travel?
In the U.S., Iíve traveled a lot throughout the desert southwestóArizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Iíve seen a lot of our country, but some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country are in the southwest, in my opinion. I find myself returning time and time again to photograph places Iíve visited often, but always seem to find something new to shoot. I also love Canada, and would really love to go to Alaska one day. There are so many places in the world that Iíd like to see!

What do you carry in your camera bag?
Currently I shoot with Canon EOS 40D and Canon Digital Rebel XTi D-SLRs. (On my wish list: The new Canon EOS Mark II 5D.) The lenses I use most often are the Canon 28Ė105mm EF f/3.5, 20mm EF f/2.8, and 100Ė300mm EF f/3.5.

As for accessories, I have a Canon Speedlite 430EX flash that I use with a remote cord, a Bogen 3001 tripod, several Photoflex reflectors, and a number of filters that include a Circular Polarizer, 4X Neutral Density, Graduated Neutral Density, and an Enhancing filter.

What are your goals for the future?
To travel more often to shoot pictures, and visit some places Iíve never been to before. I want to continue free-lancing in both photography and writing for various publications. Iíve found that I enjoy teaching and am really looking forward to leading online classes for BetterPhoto.

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