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BetterPhoto Photography Interview with Lewis Kemper - Part I

Lewis Kemper specializes in nature and wildlife photography, and how to work with images in the digital darkroom. He is also a contributing editor to Outdoor Photographer and PC Photo magazines. Lewis has been honored to be included into Canon’s Explorers of Light program, which recognizes 60 of the country’s most influential photographers.

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You are a successful photographer and writer. Did you go to a school to learn photography?

Lewis Kemper:

Yes I went to George Washington University in Washington DC and before that to Maryland Art Institute

Did your early photographic goals include earning a living from photography, or did it start as a way to express yourself creatively?

Lewis Kemper:

I quickly decided I wanted to be a professional photographer, probably while taking a High School photography class.

When did you know you finally "made it" as a professional?

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Lewis Kemper:

I am still waiting for that day! You always feel there is more you can accomplish!

Do you remember your first photography sale?

Lewis Kemper:

Yes I sold an image of Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View for a postcard for $75, back when I was living in Yosemite and working at the Ansel Adams Gallery.

You have been writing for Outdoor Photographer and PCPhoto magazines for many years. Do you find that the process of thinking about a column or article - as well as the actual writing of it - has helped you in the continuing development of your own photography?

Lewis Kemper:

Most definitely! I can be out in the field trying to solve a problem and I will think back to an article or column and come up with a solution!

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