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BetterPhoto Photography Interview with Jim Zuckerman - Part III

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Your career has spanned the transition from film to digital. What do you consider the biggest advantages of shooting with a digital camera over a film camera?

Jim Zuckerman:

The advantages of digital are enormous. The immediate feedback is invaluable in allowing us to immediate adjust exposure, and to show clients (or models) the photos on the spot. Negotiating airports without worrying about x-rays is a huge benefit, and the savings in time and especially money in not paying for film and developing is incredible. I estimate than in the last two and half years since I went 100% digital I've saved about $50,000.

The latitude of exposure in Raw is fantastic, and the ability to shoot many images on a flash card (without changing film) has enabled me to miss fewer shots. Changing ISO on the fly is great, and the ability to manipulate our images in Photoshop is a dream come true for me.

My first love in photography was special effects, and what we can now do is beyond what I could have ever conceived.

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What quick advice do you have for someone who wants to improve his or her photography skills?

Jim Zuckerman:

The number one thing someone can do to immediately improve their skills is be an honest self-critic. If you can accurately assess your mistakes, then you can correct them the next time around. Also, compare your work with photographers that you admire. Determine what the differences are between your work and theirs, and then go about addressing those differences.

I did that in the 1970s when I saw a landscape book by David Muench. I realized his pictures were much better than mine, and I determined what the differences were. For example, he was shooting at sunrise and sunset, and I wasn't. As soon as I started shooting in that kind of lighting, guess what? My photography got a lot better.

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At BetterPhoto, we often get questions from people who want to become "Professional Photographers". What advice do you have for someone who says they want to pursue a career in photography? Is there a key to making a name for yourself?

Jim Zuckerman:

No, there is no key. Just a lot of persistence, trial and error, and hard work. You must become as good at marketing as you are in shooting. Submit your work to every conceivable photo buyer you can think of, and then just don't give up.

Excellent advice Jim! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.
Denise Miotke and Kerry Drager

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