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BetterPhoto Photography Interview with George Schaub - Part I

Featured next in our series of BetterPhoto Interviews with Professional Photographers is George Schaub. George is Editorial Director of Shutterbug magazine, teaches photography online, and writes books and articles. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on how with lots of hard work, he became a successful writer and photographer.

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You are a successful photographer, writer and editor, George. How did you first learn photography?

George Schaub:

I grew up with it. My father was a professional lab technician and worked in some of the top fashion and commercial studios in New York City. We always had a tabletop setup with a 4x5 camera in the house, and half the basement was a darkroom.

I used to sit on the steps when the local camera club met in the living room. They would set up a still life and then each one would take a shot and discuss lighting, angles and so forth. It was just always a part of life. As a result I see photography as a trade, a craft that I learned from my father.

Did your early goals include earning a living from photography, whether as an editor, photographer and/or writer?

George Schaub:

No. I was not really sure what I was going to do. I knew I wanted to travel and write. I started by hitchhiking as a kid and always admired books and authors, and had been writing all along.

Do you remember your first photography sale?

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George Schaub:

My first job in photography was working with my father in an independnet lab he had set up. I did printing, processing and general odd jobs.

My first formal job was in my first summer at college, where I worked as a PR photographer for the publicity department at a place called International House (not the pancakes) where graduate students from all over the world stayed while attending college in New York City. I did fundraisers, brochure shots and stuff like that.

My first sale was for an article I did on handcoloring black and white prints for a small photo magazine called Lens. It was my first sale in publishing and it was used as the cover shot. I got and saved about twenty copies.

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