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I work as a communications analyst full time and a photographer during the other hours when I am not asleep. This makes for very long days. My "day job" restricts most of my time and space to being inside an office cubicle. It is, however, when I am on a photo assignment that I really come alive. I shoot mainly with a Nikon D200 and enjoy playing with my Nikon D70 as a backup. I love wild animal, pets and nature photography and enjoy receiving wedding, portrait and magazine assignments.

During any remaining time, I enjoy watching and playing sports, hiking, fishing, mountain biking and just exploring nature in general. As a photographer, I have enjoyed being published, the "all access" photographer passes and the intriguing people I meet while on assignment.

My wife and I have two cats (some of which you may see in my photos)and some fish.

I enjoy being a part of the incredible photographers that share their inspiring work on I think the photos on this site rival that of the best I have seen in any magazine or anywhere else. I hope that I am able to inspire others as much as I am inspired by them.