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I grew up in west Michigan and am now living in California's San Francisco Bay area. Both places provide a rich canvas for photography. I've never seen more colorful sunsets or beautiful stormy skies as I have in west Michigan and California's coastline and redwoods are so enticingly breathtaking they just beg to be photographed.

Growing up I was influenced by two uncles who were professional photographers. They'd take trips around the world, sometimes months-long, and would come back home with beautiful slides to show and tales about their journey. It was so inspiring that I guess I just caught the bug.

My favorite subject is nature, followed closely by travel, macro and abstract. I LOVE to take photographs and can get lost for hours doing so. I'm always so suprised how much time has passed when it only seems like a few minutes! It's very meditative for me. Lately, however, I've been dappling with portrait photography. As I'm gaining more experience, it's becoming more and more pleasurable; a great way to connect with humanity.

Thanks for "stopping by". Please contact me if you'd like any more information.