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I just started photography in May of 2007 when I purchased my Canon Rebel Xti. I taught myself about what is iso, f-stop and shutterspeed with the help of a book by Brian Peterson. It was difficult at first but I did learn. Then, I started to ask how to compose an image and how to have a good exposure. I bought some books about composition and exposures. I interviewed a landscape painter, Artist Michael Wheeler in Manchester Kentucky, USA, about elements of visuals. I emailed a well known portrait photographer, Manuel Librodo from the Philippines, about editing photographs. March of 2008, Manuel Librodo invited me to join his workshop in L.A. I attended it last June 2008 and learn alot on how to recognize good natural lighting and how to post process an image. Lastly, I joined Betterphoto in Jan. 2008 and I met Paolo Jofre, a photographer, artist, a friend and most specially a mother, in this site. She constantly critiques my work and through her suggestions and comments, I am becoming aware of the important intricate details of an image that profoundly affects its entirety. My thanks to these gentlemen and lady for their generosity. I am learning alot more so with the different suggestions of talented photographers here in Betterphoto. My deepest appreciation to you all.

These are the results of my knowledge about photography in my simple gallery. Now as I am learning more about the medium, it constantly openes my being to a fulfilling experience of depicting the beauty of creation and its effects on us in our existence. I hope that one day viewers of my work will transcend the framed created and have an endless wonder for the ultimate Creator.

I thank my sibling, R.J. for the photo that I'm using as a mini photo in the discussions. It is a photo of me and my youngest sister Joy.