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Originally from Australia, currently living in London.

My Parents bought me a Pentax MZ-50 for my 18th birthday, I don't think I really used it for a couple of years, and then I took it on a fishing trip or something and fluked some good shots. It was then that I realised I didn't even know how to use the functions on it properly, so the more I learned the more I got into it. My Pentax eventually died and I lost interest for a while (which is a shame as I was living in Western Qld at that stage and traveling to some remote regions with lots of photo oppurtunities.

I came to London last year for a working Holiday, one of my first jobs was working for a biologist friend as a "Reptile Relocation Officer" - seriously - we were catching lizards, slow worms, Great Crested Newts and Snakes. There were a couple of guys working with me who were right into their photography, they re-ingnited my intrest and I purchased a Canon 300D Digital SLR, since then I have been taking more photos then ever. I am still not very good and the more photos I see on sites such as this one the more I realise just how far off the mark I am. But I will keep trying.

My main interests are Landscapes and Action shots, I would like to get into a little bit of Macro photography as well. I could definitely see myself being a travel writer\photographer (who doesn't) however that is a distant dream, so I'm stuck with IT to pay the bills and allow me to travel.